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Gree electric appliances extension air conditioning product testing field deep cooperation new mileage

December 28,, zhuhai gree electric appliances Co., LTD and leading global provider of third party quality and safety services Intertek tensho group in zhuhai held a "satellite program-level 4 and" opening ceremony, Slim hoods announced the gree electric appliances get Intertek "satellite program" the highest level certified.

It is reported, gree electric appliances and the asia-pacific region air conditioning industry first get Intertek "satellite program-level 4 and" of the enterprise, which marked both sides in the air conditioning product testing fields of cooperation further, also marks the gree control test and the authentication processIsland hood of autonomy got the biggest degree of ascension.

"Satellite program" is Intertek tensho group according to the market demand of the development of a revolutionary service mode, in recognition of the internal quality manufacturer laboratory testing data, and on the basis of relevant test report issued by their, which can help manufacturers better control product testing authentication of the process, speed up the authentication speed. Intertek "satellite program" currently include the ETL column name signs, Island hood North America, Europe, North America WH mark S marks, Chimney hoods British ASTA and BEAB marks, CB system and Intertek quality and performance mark (QPM), "satellite program" fastest in five days to mark report issued by authorized, for the customer to win more additional selling time. The plan was a many international well-known company's favour, and for many users brought tangible benefits: Glass hood such as a every year 100 a new product release, 50 times revisions of home appliance makers, through the "satellite program" than the traditional test can authentication 1 year save more than $400000 in cost,Stainless steel hoods shorten the about 500 days of testing the authentication cycle, gain valuable time to market.

"Satellite program" the highest level 4 and level on behalf of gree independent professional laboratory testing team can to make their own product structure check, writing test report, and finally by Intertek sign for approval can. Before this, Intertek testing personnel for gree professional quality system authentication, including technology and the authentication standard, report writing process, system training. The level 4 and get to the gree professional inspectors.meanwhile put forward higher request, they should be independent from the production and operation of gree group, ensuring high objectivity and professional.

Gree electric appliances is the world's largest collection research and development, production, sales and service in a body specialized air conditioning enterprise, for many years with science and technology of vertical business concept, in the air conditioning field continuous innovation, and with the scientific research level and advanced technology leads the world. Gree electric appliances is China home appliances r&d investment in the highest enterprise, has the international leading technology research and development center on, including three institute, 26 research institute, two national technology research center, established more than 300 between a world-class level of laboratory. Gree laboratory qualification deep and the company has passed the certification committee of China national LABS China household electric appliances research institute, Germany Rhine company and the world's most rigorous safety inspection agencies-the United States insurers (UL) tests the highest grade of the lab recognition, and access to China's national committee issued by laboratory "air conditioning test device than data authentication lab" certificate no. 1. To the attention of gree electric appliances to scientific research fruits--have more than 4000 patents, including more than 710 patent for invention, independent research and development of digital split ultra-low temperature centrifugal chiller unit, high efficiency, high efficiency dc frequency centrifugal chiller, 1 hz frequency conversion air conditioning, super high speed R290 environmental protection refrigerant compressor, air conditioning and so on a series of high efficiency and energy saving products to "international leading level, to fill in the blank industry.

Opening ceremony, gree electric appliances vice President, chief engineer HuangHui said: "as the world's largest professional air conditioning production enterprise, gree electric appliances committed to global consumers with advanced technology, high efficiency and energy saving of the air conditioning. We choose Intertek 'satellite plans' the original intent of the value is with the guide of market demand both flexibility and professional service mode. The get the plan highest-level recognition that the gree laboratory technology and capability has gained international authentication institutions of professional affirmation, and have the maximum flexibility to allocate resources and the authentication management system, marks of gree electric appliances scientific research level and on a new level.

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