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The policy end two giant home appliance interlinks confrontation increasingly intensified

Home appliance with old change new in December 31, 2011 over, late last year in the supermarket queue to consumers with old change new activities of the scene, seen by some as the last of the crazy.Range hood But in 2011, home appliance retail giants gome already out of civil war shadow, and the rapid expansion route; Su ning merger LAOX Japan officially into the domestic market, su ning double brand expansion began. Two people in traditional channels electric chain speed expansion at the same time, Cooker hoods they began to take the fight to the emerging e-commerce fuel. In 2012, no policy pulling, household electrical appliance industry will be property market after a far under the industry?

Looking more than 1 brand expansion

In December of 2011, the country WangJunZhou President Range hoods revealed to the media for the first time in 2012 years the country strategy of expansion: "in the national scope of large and medium-sized and yongle start more brand expansion,Kitchen hood five years to create another country." On the last day of 2011, su shi's life at nanjing tesco square, pull open the su ning more of the brand strategy of curtain.

Two everyone's electricity chain giant in 2011 at the end of LiangJian, let us see the a home appliance new trend of the retail industry: double brand operation. For the "double brand"Exhaust hoods strategic significance, WangJunZhou previously when accepting a reporter to interview was interpreted to Shanghai and Beijing as an example, in addition to the country the brand, because implementation respectively,Vent hoods big in yongle dual brand, gome group in the local market accounts for two-thirds than can be achieved by the share.

Reporters from gome relevant personage have learned, Stainless steel hoods in more brand expansion, constructions in the area in 5000 square meters with the "big in the electric" brand, less than 5000 square meters of area constructions, was in "yongle"Glass hood brand.

Su ning electric equipment [8.441.32 % shares it research report] operational headquarters executive President, tesco's general manager of China FanZhiJun says, through establishing the new shopping plaza, Chimney hoods avoid homogeneity competition.

Su ning double brand expansion in 2012 will be Island hood in a city be born flowering, Beijing su ning plan will draw five tesco's square.

Prospects in 2000 new starting point 2 shop

About 2012 of the household electrical appliance industryIsland hood , and the outside world "low" predict different, su ning, gome electrical chain are two everybody says that, despite a series of consumption incentive policy effect countries gradually diminishing and macroeconomic regulation and control of promoting continuously, household electrical appliance industry growth reached a plateau.

It is for the development of the industry optimistic judgment, su ning made it clear that this year the number of new open store will be more than 400 home in 2011, and set up shop of speed flat. In 2011, and on the basis of su ning stores scale will more than 2000.

Gome 2011 years ago the number three quarter stores amounted to 1657, Slim hoods throw an "5 years to create another country", the store will have a total to doubt exceeded 2012 in 2000 home.

However, the blind expansion had different, standing in 2000 stores starting point on the two everyone's electricity chain paying more attention to the fine management. After successful ERP commissioning, gome in 2012 will be fully opened new ERP management system, gome headquarters can accurately monitoring each store, each product sales, let expansion route more targeted.

For the 2012's expansion, su ning made it clear that, according to the different market will level, take the different development strategy.

Looking to become the passive to active 3 shop

Say goodbye to the "net" first year, electrical home appliances chain in 2012 is no longer electronic business industry followers and incompetence. Experience the financing, burn money, emerging e-commerce industry no longer himself to say, "I don't care about profit".

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