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« Power management semiconductor market growth would slow Payment by installment buy home appliance to get rational consumption »

A group of suspected fake bengbu seized the rhombohedrons brand such as electric products

The festival market for purification, ensure that holiday market prosperity and stability and security of the consumer safety during the festival, so that the people a trust and satisfaction festival. City industrial and commercial bureau according to ShengJu "striking the special I date" the work plan for action, Range hood combined with the city's actual, seize the hot commodities, will with the masses of the production, life of small home appliance closely related festivals such as the key commodities the object, Range hoods the centralism develops to make false move, security festival consumption during the safety, ensure that the city's holiday market prosperity and stability, make the people a trust and satisfaction festival.

Recently, the fat engagement OS Co., LTD to report,Cooker hoods says bengbu a merchant agent and selling fake "beauty rhombohedrons" brand washing machines etc, the rapid response, the organization law enforcement team to the scene, Kitchen hood waiting for a day, in the mountain a batch of bengbu ceramic seized suspected of selling fake "beautiful patterns", "haier", "the gree" brand electric products. The main products are "beauty rhombohedrons" washing machine and Taiwan; Heater 182 Taiwan; "Little swan", "haier", Exhaust hoods "beauty", "new" and water dispensers, 250 Taiwan; "Haier", "the gree" the solar energy water heater water containers 21, imposed of more than 40000 yuan.

Because of involving the amount is larger, at present, the parties ZhuMou has been public security department criminal detention, now a guarantor pending trial. The case is going deep into processing.

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