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Payment by installment buy home appliance to get rational consumption

And to the year end, everywhere to spend money, have on hand immediately tight. Then if you are a super DaBing liquid crystal TV, have a kind of hope "machine" were left feeling useless regrets. In fact, for now, many financial institutions of the appliances are in full swing in consumer credit business, as long as you have a liking for, be the first to a penny don't pay, home delivery, and payment by installment, still no interest rate, no service charge.Exhaust hoods Some consumers taste "month pay one hundred yuan look big color TV" miley, highly recommend home appliance credit consumption mode; There are many consumers that "there is no free lunch", the home electrical appliance credit consumption cautious attitude.

"Without the burden of light

Interpreting what is there against it in advance

Avoid interest, no charges, the many kinds of payment by Vent hoods installment optional...... Mention credit consumption the advantage of this is the adored gens very happy to the things mentioned. In providing credit of consumption services each big bank, Stainless steel hoods we often can be in the multifarious flyer see on computers, digital cameras, mobile phones and even home appliance consumption installment payment of service, little is one thousand yuan, is more than yuan,Glass hood but "no interest" and "avoid commission" often is to emphasize that take the most obvious of the two key words.

Mr Ma also citizens to tell a reporter, he is going to get married next year New Year's day, and in the previous years in to buy a house and savings all in decorate it. Acquire color TV sets, refrigerators,Chimney hoods washing machines and several big once let him worried. The bank and credit card payment by installment launched businessmen cooperation mode, not only reduce the pressure of his funds, also greatly promoted his quality of life.

"Only paid 150 yuan, can put the a $6000 worth of great color television moved back home." Live in guangzhou sea bead area of Mr. Zhao in a home appliance mall told reporters that he had just done home appliance instalment formalities, the day he only made 150 yuan handling charge, in the next year, he now only to need to pay 500 yuan will do.

According to the reporter understands, at present are willing to buy the citizens of home appliance credit ranging in age from 25 to 40 years old of the relatively more, which mainly focus on 25-35 years old this one age paragraph, pay by installments to meet the personalized needs of this group, "dream realized early stages, the burden for", credit card payment by installment really makes the most of the young people, just work soon ahead of college students into "iPad gens", "iPhone gens", or even a home in advance of the cinema small property life.

"No free lunch

Pricing higher than the market without consultation

However, there are many consumer credit consumption of the "interest-free" sceptical. "Look from interest, in fact is through the drive up commodities prices access to 'implicit interest'." Asked in the capital not abundant cases will consider whether the credit consumption, a citizens when accepting a reporter to interview said. He thought, there is no free lunch, Banks offer convenience, inevitably has its interests.

The reporter understands, and loan to buy a house to buy a car is different, apply for instalment purchase home appliance don't have to pay interest, and just pay the corresponding charges can. However, different bank charge--some of the differences are a few percentage; Single pen consumption minimum amount, and reimbursement time length, are different, consumers in choosing a bank should be long several heart, comparison can be less money. Guangzhou some department stores with a laptop as an example, the sale price is 2199 yuan, down 10%, 12 pay off period, is 243 yuan per issue, so calculate down, payment by installment one-time paid more than 936.9 yuan.

In addition, the comparison a few Banks electric consumption credit the flyer, the reporter found that the staging of the appliances and provide shopping computer city offer has really come and go. For example, Canon digital cameras HFS200 offer for 6999 yuan, and the market price is in 6700 yuan; SONY HDR-CX150E quotation for 4650 yuan, and the market price in 4300. A hewlett-packard CQ32-105 TX laptop could offer for 3780 yuan, and the market price is in 3350 yuan; Lenovo X201i advertising price 14880 yuan, and the market price is in 13500 yuan or so.

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