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Gome ChenXiao lawsuit case a week after the retrial had to pay 10 million break-up fee

This day (jan. 5, 2012) 9 30, gome as the plaintiff and the chairman of the board ChenXiao once on thin in court, court cases through about two and a half hours later, the Beijing municipal ErZhongYuan announced a week so that both sides case extend to collect evidence.

According to reporter understanding, in front courtyard careful,Slim hoods has been leading the suits the gome executive director ZouXiaoChun testify in person, and first reported in ChenXiao had before leaving to pay 10 million "fee", sign a confidentiality agreement executives left related. By means of breach of confidentiality agreement ChenXiao, it did not appear in the hearing. ChenXiao agent, Island hood is the basis of gome prosecution focused questioned,Island hood gome says there is no evidence the ChenXiao received media interviews, the foundation of the prosecution case is not set up.

The court to thin, origin last May 10, a domestic financial media published titled "gome events show up again ChenXiao boom gome financial vulnerability", the paper said. In the articleChimney hoods , said that to ChenXiao gome electrical appliances, as a representative of the chain industry after 20 years of development has come to the extent of the lethal, "gome those stocks I will soon sell,Glass hood because the share prices of gome in my opinion could not increase again, and many institutions have chosen out from a collection of the institution, hot stocks to now become the concentration camps, the retail stocks in the investment value it has no future."

On May 10 at night, gome namely releases announcement to say "article stated view does not represent the company will. The company does not agree with listed in article views and opinions. Stainless steel hoods The company will not stand for Mr. Chen in the article shows the behavior and any other about this company is not true or misleading news reports and will take appropriate means to protect the rights and interests of the company. Vent hoods The company keep clear of articles all rights involved."

In that day ChenXiao also issued a statement, quote,Exhaust hoods "the (media reporter) from a no issues in private chatting one-sided extraction content published articles, lack of common sense is the personal understanding. Neither I meant, more do not represent my views and comments."

But the country is "appropriate means" indeed as expected in a more than a month after the offering. In June 2011, gome prosecuting former ChenXiao board chairman, reason is a violation of the executives to leave ChenXiao left in the agreement of confidentiality terms.

ChenXiao for prosecution, the lawyers ZouXiaoChun in June last year appeared confident, and told reporters "to collect evidence, have enough to form a chain, to prove ChenXiao default." And from the current trial result, June gome collection of evidence does not make the court convicted final hammer.

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