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Invest billions of dollars! Midea million in India and then by building capacity

  August last year, Kelly has just acquired the air conditioning business in Latin America 51% stake in Midea (000,527, closing price of 12.17 yuan), after a lapse of five months Zaidufali, Range hood the company said today (January 9, 2012) announced that is planning to invest billions of dollars of funds, investment of 100 million units in India, production capacity, further develop the Indian market.Range hoods Think of for "TM", "home appliances" such as overdraft in advance good policy and market demand, household electrical appliance enterprises to survive this difficult environment, the reality of the situation, Midea's overseas expansion, or an inevitable option.

    Yu Jian million units of production capacity

    Today (January 9, 2012) Midea announcement, the company is investing to expand the Indian air conditioner market, reached an agreement with Carrier Corporation, Cooker hoods both in India, production and sales of home air conditioning business and some light commercial air conditioning company production and sales business will be fully integrated into a company, the company's initial investment in production capacity is about 100 million units. To achieve the integration goals, the investment amount is expected to total approximately $ 33 million, of which the U.S. investment of about $ 20 million electrical, accounting 60% of the shares,Kitchen hood Carrier investment of about $ 13 million, accounting 40% of the shares.

    Information, Carrier is the world's leading high-tech HVAC and refrigeration equipment suppliers, operators covering more than 170 countries on six continents,Exhaust hoods in 2010, Carrier revenues of $ 11.4 billion, the highest industry-leading, open interest companies who are not U.S. electrical association.

    For these investments, the U.S. appliance company that will further deepen the well-known home appliance enterprises with international strategic alliance is to promote the company improve its global distribution and expand its own brand of strategic choice. India as the world's second-population country, and the global economy's Vent hoods fastest growing economies and emerging markets, household appliances market capacity and growth potential.

    Brokers bullish on overseas expansion

    For the United States overseas expansion appliances, the company is already the layout. Public information display, the U.S. appliance in August 2011 had spent about $ 223.3 million, won the UTC in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, three Latin American countries in the region of the air conditioning business company (hereinafter referred to as air-conditioning service company to open Lira U.S. ) 51% stake, while the open Lira U.S. Carrier air-conditioning business company by company management. And even before that in October 2010, Midea also spent nearly $ 60 million to win over Egypt Miraco company's 32.5% stake. Earlier dates back to 2007, Midea has even built industrial park in Vietnam to radiation throughout Southeast Asia.

    Appliances for the United States overseas expansion, brokerage firms are more optimistic that whenever century business development, expansion of its product development and regional expansion is an inevitable choice to a certain stage, but only the form can be diversified. The expansion of the United States is not like the electrical before 2003 TCL Group (000100, closing price of 1.87 yuan) gamble French Thomson company is so "reckless" and its feasibility is much higher.

    In addition, the reporter in a brokerage analyst with Beijing learned to communicate, as "TM", "home appliances" and other favorable policies to phase out, ahead of market demand will be a substantial overdraft down, and had to accelerate business accelerated expansion also makes the phenomenon significant overcapacity, coupled with the high base last year, imagine the performance of the industry in 2012, which seems to explain the United States from another point of view of the need for electrical appliances to accelerate overseas expansion.

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