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Beautiful patterns of electric shares lifted 7 agencies FuKui nearly 400 million yuan

This day (January 11,), the rhombohedrons appliances (000521, closing price of 4.53 yuan) 93.3852 million shares of shares by ban circulation, accounting for 14.67% of the total equity of the company. However, in 2011 after a year of low prices, beauty rhombohedrons electric shares fell more than 50%,Slim hoods at the outset of RMB 10.28 per share price has a few be additional ks.

This was the bounds of lift shares held by seven companiesIsland hood , including three brokers, two funds, 1 home insurance company and home 1 investment company. The seven agencies had bought 77.821 million shares of beauty appliances of additional OS, cost 800 million yuan; If the calculated yesterday closing price, the seven agencies FuKui carrying nearly 400 million yuan.

Beauty rhombohedrons appliances, officials said whether to sell,Island hood at present you with the company's shareholders have not in communication.

Break by over 47%

According to the price after answer authority calculation, Chimney hoods the rhombohedrons electrical secondary market price for the year fell more than 52%.

Beauty appliances the OS by matters to be completed in 2010, of which the controlling shareholders sichuan long rainbow (600839, closing price of 2.30 yuan) subscribed for 38.9105 million shares,Glass hood limited sales period for 36 months; Another seven companies that the shares, including three brokers, two funds, 1 home insurance company and home 1 investment company, limited sales period for 12 months, in today's lifted circulation.

Beauty was one of the issuing price of electrical patterns of RMB 10.28 per share, in 2010 after every 10 shares to send 2 strands of pie 0.5 yuan of share out bonus of after another,Stainless steel hoods except authority of RMB 8.61 per share; However, the rhombohedrons electrical yesterday closing price of RMB 4.53 per share, this calculation, the 7 home subscribe book FuKui funds more than 47%.

Rich countries fund through its nine fund total hold beauty appliances 24 million shares of additional OS, and China life insurance products, a subsidiary of everything, capital shrink nearly 100 million yuan.Vent hoods Followed by hand to cathay Pacific, at the beginning of the subscription 12 million shares, already shrink nearly 50 million yuan.

HuaAn securities analysts WangShiXin said: "Exhaust hoods at present by deep set by far more than the rhombohedrons appliances, such as huatai securities and a Pacific asset management company in the first quarter of last year in one hand, now by changhang was also depth over. For the organization, in bedding bag ban shares, there may be a cruel after to cut meat."

Cut the flesh? Solution to cover? Are a problem

Yesterday (on January 10,), the rhombohedrons appliances secret do relevant personage dong told reporters, to participate in the subscription would cut the flesh sell shareholders stock, Kitchen hood there is no shareholders and the company on communication.

Year 2011 HuZhi down 20%, beauty of the OS electric fell by is grail 2 times, this time to cut meat means huge losses to cash. But if continue hold, expect the rhombohedrons electrical fundamentals on improving drive the share price rises, and achieve solution to cover, in the short term is also difficult to achieve.

According to information, the first three quarters of 2011, the net profit of 131 million yuan OS appliances, up to a 55.99% decline, and the third quarter net profit dropped 93.86% year-on-year. Cooker hoods In addition, in 2010, the electrical appliances in the disposal hkust OS xunfei (002230, closing price of 30.4 yuan) stock obtain 117 million yuan profit, earnings growth and only 8.18%.

HuaXin securities researchers ZhouXueYi says, beauty rhombohedrons electrical performance flexibility in the past two years, mainly to poor performance, the product of a single is main problem,Range hoods the company can't correspond with beauty, haier, hisense etc comprehensive large group competition, has been losing market share.

"In fact, in recent years the biggest impact of home appliance enterprise policy is energy-saving subsidies, many companies also caught the wave, vigorously developing opportunity.Range hood But unfortunately, the main business of refrigerator OS appliances, and energy subsidies in the refrigerator has not the range." ZhouXueYi said.

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