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Dialogue electrical appliances chain: black electricity price lower air conditioning is still bullish

The dongguan three big home appliance chain in handing over the last year how a transcript? What are the window for home appliance retail industry, add the brightness grace? Home applianceRange hood is worth this year trend? Traditional home appliance will you encounter an unprecedented "winter"? The New Year is DiuZuBaoChe or inverse city expansion?

The hot topics, our reporter exclusive dialogue three big home appliances chain "chief executive" or related departments in charge, for readers a New Year home appliance retail Range hoods development territory.

Last year is too fast or partial slow expansion?

Reporter: last year the everyone's electricity chain Cooker hoods open new stores speed is too fast or partial slow? How is the overall performance of new store?

XiongWei (dongguan su ning general manager) : Kitchen hood last year we opened a new 5 store, into the XieGang had not entered the town and the town enterprise, houjie town of enterprise, such as also strengthen or men's shoes. The first taste of comprehensive formats of changan jin mode of tall flagship store the third has duly investment promotion out.

Flexor plateau (dongguan gome general manager) : we had expanded throughout the year 7 stores, in the enterprise total stores jumped to 23 home, basic to speed and size of the first book. Exhaust hoods Is new for performance, is located in the new big complex good profit, small community store still have the space of ascension.

Chen authority (fashion electric strategy research vice manager) :Vent hoods fashion existing store has already realized basically reasonable cover, a little regret is the rapid economic development of the phoenix town is still a blank piece of us, so last year we opened a new store 1 stores in the enterprise, the relatively large passenger flow.

Last year achieving report card is the ideal?

Reporter: last year air conditioning market encounter cold,Stainless steel hoods the housing downturn lasts, the warm home appliance trend not free, home appliance chains of how to surrender report card? Whether the ideal?

XiongWei: since we've been in dongguan since into profit, last year is no exception. Last year the digital 3 C performance is very grab an eye, growth of more than 60% and computer more became the first big best selling goods. Our performance targets and roughly meet, at the moment, I can only say that we ran won the rate of growth of GDP, Glass hood also ran the CPI increase win.

Flexor plateau: last year the first and the second home appliance consumption differentiation is quite obvious, according to the group requirements to target growth of 20%, Chimney hoods we can achieve expected slightly worse, in general, the performance of the traditional channel is still good in electronic commerce.

Chen authority: overall year-on-year growth lastIsland hood year we 17% ~ 20%, and 30% of the expected goal early has certain gap, but digital 3 C and accessories are the growth of more than 30%.

Highlight what effects will work?

Reporter: the highlight of last year work??? What??? It for their own or industry has brought what influence?

XiongWei: our window is not opened a new industry in the first complex, but opponents stores have local experience through the open recruitment manager and manager of the way to join su ning, Island hood this shows that our growth is valued. At the same time it also makes our sales and reserve cadres more perfect, so far only reserves manager to reach 8 ~ 10 people.

Flexor plateau: last year the dongguan gome stores-the biggest star square store, try the new new living museum mode, it whether overall investment, product line extension, decorate display and interactive experience than life hall on a higher grades, and brought to consumer more comfortable shopping experience.Slim hoods I believe that the rivals stores do a lot of shock.

Chen authority: last year we the largest window is introduced apple product line and add 3 C accessories museum, this both make our customers in the retail areas have certain expansion.

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