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5 base layout overseas beauty appliances steadily accelerated globalization

This time, the electric chess for India.Slim hoods As the electric 2012 international first one, the fifth largest overseas base will be built in India, this be the beauty appliances accelerate the layout of the overseas another important signal, will boost the robust to realize "1025" period "rebuilding the beautiful" objectives.

The fifth big overseas base sitting India

The electrical 6 January, night announcement, Island hood invested in India air condition market development, and with carrier to reach an agreement, both parties in India family expenses air conditioning the production and sale of the business and the parts to light commercial air Island hood conditioning in the production and sales businessChimney hoods will all integration and a company, and the new initial investment capacity of about 1 million units.

The chairman and chief executive of the electric FangHongBo introduction, beautiful and carrier in Egypt, Latin America, through the cooperation, has formed the good strategic cooperation relations, beautiful and carrier through the integration of both sides in the Indian family expenses air conditioning businessGlass hood , investment and development cooperation India air conditioning market, through the play both sides of the professional technology and marketing network advantage and promote the establishment of efficient operation and the localization of and operation platform, reinforced strategic competition advantage, Stainless steel hoods the future of the company have a positive effect on sustainable development.

Accelerate layout international emerging markets

And after more than home appliance enterprise with "products export" overseas business opportunities and different, after 20 years of development after accumulation, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise in overseas expansion has found a "go out, walk into, go up" syllogistic. With the beautiful appliances, Vent hoods for example, beautiful successively in India,Exhaust hoods Egypt, Brazil, Argentina and other countries with the U.S. carrier by the joint venture cooperation, not only realize industry mergers and enterprise integrated benefit maximization,Kitchen hood also for the future of the global air conditioning industry in the big development "foreshadowing a".

It is reported, in August 2011, the electrical appliances to spend $223.3 million through a series of equity trading acquisition UTC (united technology company) subordinate carrier Latin American air conditioning company 51% equity, with developing Brazil, Argentina and Chile three kingdoms of air conditioning market. Cooker hoods In May 2010, the electric appliance is spent nearly $60 million Miraco Egypt had a 32.5% interest in the company. In 2007, the electric appliance new industrial base of Vietnam.

Beautiful type expand overseas road

"Five years recreating a beautiful,Range hoods achieve the sales income is $30 billion, and among the top three-white electricity", this is beautiful "1025" the ultimate goal of planning. FangHongBo saidRange hood , the United States to achieve this goal, affirmation want in the international market have better performance. "The product has been spread all over the world, the next step is to go in the global acquisition route".

Relative to lenovo, TCL and haier "exalted GaoDa" acquisitions overseas way, and relative to the gree to wholly owned subsidiaries way into the market in the United States, Brazil, compared to the image of the FangHongBo pointed out that "the beauty of the international follow is small step to go faster way." The so-called "small step to go faster" refers to the way of joint venture mergers and acquisition. "The main in the development of the emerging market in layout, on the other hand also don't agree with 'a' way, but eat carefully chosen smaller enterprise purchase."

The beauty of the overseas development through many electric road, all rooted in the international recognized the new XingHua market, such as southeast Asia, north Africa, Latin America. And the globalization and the carrier also inseparable. Countries securities household electrical appliance industry analysts gold WangXiaoYing evaluation think, the advantage of this is little detours, with the aid of the carrier channel and experience rapid overseas market; And close to do a single object to shorten the period business quickly.

In developed countries, the United States will still choose to continue to deepen the generation of labor and channel of strategy. The electric said, in order to improve the beauty of the brand radiation ability, the electrical appliances for many years to expand overseas development ideas, deepen cooperation channels, consolidate in local market organization ability and the competitive advantage, increase their own brand of construction force.

It is reported, in the first half of the electric overseas income reached 16.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 53%.

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