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Standards need to be perfected household water purification industry development is still being norms

"The standard system is not sound makes water purifiers market good and evil people mixed up, fake and inferior products are endless. This not only severely harm the interests of consumers,Range hood also harm the industry and its image. Water purifiers spare parts, raw materials, the national standards and trade standards and water production, testing and maintenance of the standard set has become a top priority." In national (private) camp economy research water purification industry commission (hereinafter referred to as the water industry committee) the deputy secretary-general of the electric "TangJianXing reporter said.

As early as in 2010, water purification industry committee has to a standard management department proposed a standard set of application for 34, including 13 items national standards and 21 of the industry standard. But, Range hoods the electric appliance "reporter noticed that,Cooker hoods so far, only one of the three industry standard issued, two national standards in state approval, household water purification industry to be standard standard status remained unchanged.

One of the three line standard implementation, two national standard approved

Water purification equipment can be divided into industry with water purification equipment and household water purification products two kinds. At present, industrial water purification equipment of standard system relatively perfect, already in the implementation of the standards including CJ3023-1993 "activated carbon filter",Kitchen hood CJ/T3026-1994 "drinking water integration water purifiers", HG/T4084-2009 "strengthening flocculating sedimentation automatic water purification plant", HG/T4111-2009 "automatic continuous micro/ultrafiltration water purification plant", HY/T068-2002 "drinking pure water preparation system SRO series ro device",Exhaust hoods JB/T6931-2010 "secondary floating filter water purifiers" and JT/T4507-1980 "JSX river water type", and so on.

However, household water purification product standards but hiccup several. According to some familiar with water purification product standards of the personage inside course of study introduces, at present has formally in the implementation of the household water purification product standards only one of the three, namely QB/T4100-2010 "water machine special water purifiers", QB/T4143-2010 "household and similar USES ultrafiltration water purification machines", QB/T4144-2010 "household and similar USES reverse osmosis water purification machines", all is the industry standard. "The above one of the three standards are based on national standards at the beginning of the project, but in the last approval but to the industry standard, a standard effect than before."

According to the "electric" reporter understanding, this one of the three industry standard is respectively in the March 1, 2011 and April 1, 2011 officially implemented.

Among them, the QB/T4100-2010 is aimed at developing criteria for water filter. This standard, softening water softening efficiency should be not less than 50%, pure water water purifiers to calcium, magnesium salts removal efficiency should be not less than 85%, the electrolysis of water of the alkaline water pH value should be no more than feed water and not more than 8.5.

QB/T4143-2010 and QB/T4144-2010 respectively the provisions of household and similar purposes ultrafiltration water purification machines and reverse osmosis water purification machines terms and definition, classification and the naming, requirements, experiment method, testing rules and mark, packing, transportation and storage.

QB/T4143-2010 regulations, ultrafiltration water purification machines terminal water yield should be not less than 48 L/h, total net water should be greater than nominal total net of water, the actual water flow should be no less than the nominal water flow.

The effluent water filters should comply with water quality GB5749 "life sanitary standard for drinking water" requirement, and in accordance with the health ministry "life of drinking water safety and the function of the processor evaluation standard-general water quality processor" (2001) the requirements. QB/T4144-2010 in terminal water yield, the total net flow of water, water purification with QB/T4143-2010 of the same provisions. This standard in the provision of the respect for the removal rate, reverse osmosis water purification machines to water the removal rate of certain substances should comply with the health ministry "life of drinking water safety and the function of the processor evaluation standard-reverse osmosis treatment equipment" (2001) requirements; Desalination rate is not less than 90%, the recovery is not less than 30%.

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