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« Pepsi Thai inverter and happy life good helper Su ning electric equipment company executives paid 200 million around 0.34% equity stake »

"Oscar" electrical terminals brand new age China win the future

"Electric new age brand win the future" 2011 China electrical ten big brands award prize-giving grand ceremony in 2012 January 12,, in the sponsored "" awards ceremony was held in Beijing diaoyutai state guesthouse. The award ceremony of multiple awards were announced. China electric field,Exhaust hoods authoritative experts heavyweight brand research experts, nearly hundred top brand, the industry mainstream media elite, and gather for the common witness China electrical industry leading enterprise for a year of hard efforts of the glory of the light radiate moment. The" China famous brand award "known as China's industry," Oscar ", is by the electrical industry a nets, with annual brand index as the core basis, comprehensive market survey,Vent hoods the user feedback and expert evaluation to produce, and according to the score for awards ranking." China electric brand award "is divided into ten big brands award and awards, were awarded to in the field of industry brand electrical achievement prominent ten brand and a single performance outstanding brand.

On January 12, 2012, ten is the start of the formal, nanjing three bay appliances have the honor to have been passion to participate in the ten big prizes, enterprises have the honor to come on stage, Stainless steel hoods nanjing three bay electric appliance Co., LTD. In many eligible enterprises took part in the "2011 China famous brand electrical industry 10" and "2011 China electrical equipment industry intelligence network supplier" two awards. Three appliances if you can won it, we'll have to wait and see, now let us to look at the awards ceremony, Glass hood including many memorable moments!

Ten years wind and rain baptism of the three gates bay electrical wiring terminal industry coming brilliant. In this happy occasion of ChangQing, three bay to work hard for the company electric staff and all our customers and social cooperation unit, the media friends to nanjing three bay Chimney hoods electric company since ten years the help and support, to extend my sincere thanks to all of you.

Three bay appliances was founded in 2005 in HuJu dragon of an JinLingZhi are nanjing,. Decades of matching production experience, dedicated to the medium and top grade terminals production and sales.Island hood Products WUK series terminals, circuit board inserted type PCB terminals, protection device current terminals, ark top small bus terminal, and the cabinet put oneself in another's position protection linking piece (switching piece) and so on Chinese famous brand enterprises.

With "connection is infinite, unimpeded" philosophy, and constantly explore, Island hood progress continuously, and by strict scientific attitude and their own struggle for world connection technology make more contribution! With "pragmatic, enterprising, pioneering, and innovative"Slim hoods spirit of enterprise unremitting efforts, "for a good product shape good brand, let the brand to improve product quality, let a brand for product speak" to create customer the highest profit, my slogan is pursue customer satisfaction is I the staffs of the company's goal.

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