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« The rise and fall of kitchen electric power transformation high-end mission accomplished Intelligent into low voltage electric appliance development new direction »

Kitchen electric industry development prospects significantly undermined high-end trend

According to a satisfying kang in measuring, in 2010 China home appliance market sales of 1.0758 trillion yuan, the breakthrough trillions of mark, up 20.7%, the year of making history. By 2011 the economic situation and the influence of the real estate policies, home appliance market are calm, Vent hoods until July this year, sales scale 720.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 13.2% compared with the same period in 2010, after the 2010 high growth, market began to return to growth. Kitchen electric appliance market as part of show good state of development, from this year's affairs, industry development potential is tremendous, in the high-end market step by step towards.

Consumption and other three factors together industry development prospects up well

By numerous positive factors, smoke kitchen industry hold up well, to look forward to the future.

1. The policy factors: 1025 planning to force driving home appliance development expansion of domestic demand

On March 20, li keqiang in China's top development BBS the opening ceremony of the speech said, "1025" realize two synchronization, also is the income growth and economic development synchronization, labor compensation growth and labor productivity synchronization. And in the "1025" Chimney hoods Island hood during expand consumption policy is one of four aspects is to train the rural household electric appliance, auto, motorcycle and agricultural production material and building materials consumption hotspot. Promote the consumer spending, home appliance to lead the vigorous development of the market.

2. Market factors: the urbanization process to speed up the indirectly promoting kitchen home appliance demand is growing

In 2009, China's urbanization rate of 46.6%, is expected in the next few years, our country will appear town permanent population more than the turning point of the rural population, to 2015 years in China urbanization rate or to exceed 51%. Urbanization rush into real estate vigorous development, "1025" period, the country's new affordable housing 36 million sets, will drive the kitchen electric industry development.

3. Consumption factors: consumer demand optimistic and consumption idea transformation

Consumer demand optimistic, displays in: 2010 new population hit a record-high 12.05 million, compared with 2009 increased by 5%, more than 2005 new population increase to 3.82 million rosters, add new population of kitchen home appliance is the stability of the new demand point. The second consumers have a renewal of the demand, in 2009 enacted household appliances safety use fixed number of year detailed rules "regulation, lampblack machine use fixed number of year for about eight years, the national statistics yearbook 2002 years or so that our country town per urban households have lampblack machine nearly 60 sets, Stainless steel hoods which indicates that the town has more than half of products to enter the renewal period. Third market saturation is low, according to the 2009 national statistical yearbook display, lampblack machine in our city is about 7 into the popularity, demand for about 2% a year; In rural areas of the market is about 1 into every year, and demand is about 5%.

Along with 80 into consumption after regular consumption characteristics in change. After the 80 group consumption idea avant-garde fashion, ability buy relatively strong, the pursuit of individual character is a common characteristic of this group, consumption characteristics present: the young, the brand, the quality of hutch defends a high degree of new products to accept.

Consumption, market and policy from objective and subjective factors for the development of the lampblack machine provides favorable market conditions, market growth space is enormous. 2011 years until July this year, compared with the traditional everyone's electricity, lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas year-on-year growth in retail sales of higher. Lampblack machine to the total retail sales of home appliance market share of 1.8%, an increase of 9.4%. The total retail sales of kitchen burning gas market share of 1.2%, an increase of 10.4%. Compared with the washing machine, the color television, refrigerator and 8.4%, 5.3%, 1.8% of the retail sales year-on-year growth, kitchen burning gas, the lampblack machine year-on-year growth has transcended the traditional everyone's electricity.

And two 3 class market began to become lampblack machine,Range hoods kitchen burning gas market growth engines.

Lampblack machine in one, two, three, four market retail sales year-on-year growth of 2.2%, 10.5%, 11.3% and 5.5%; Kitchen burning gas in one, two, three, four market retail sales year-on-year growth of 0.01%, 9.2%, 14.6% and 6.1%. Compared with a fourth market growth, lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas market growth focus to second and third transfer market. Lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas development is to look forward to.

Kitchen electric market industry benign operation, and the size of the market steady growth. According to a satisfying kang in calculate, the lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas market 2011 retail sales market scale will reach 22.5 billion yuan respectively, 14.6 billion yuan, an increase of 11.7% and 13.1%. Lampblack machine, kitchen burning gas market present steady development situation.

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