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Gome: efficient logistics system foundation

Data shows, the country has already achieved all the logistics coverage, and logistics distribution fastest, most powerful distribution. In 2011, gome and haier, samsung, sanyo, LG, summer popularity at home and abroad, such as the famous brand of cooperation agreement signed span more than, in demand forecasting, research and development, production, Range hoodsales and after-sales and resources complementary aspects of the seamless docking, jointly explore innovative cooperation pattern, created the zero for the cooperation of both sides of the new model, this also greatly improve the gome to consumer demand, commodities management, supply chain of conformity ability.

From the point of view of the supply chain, the country's logistics system will simply divided into purchase, distribution and sales three parts, in the three part, a central part of the country is a part of the core competitive ability is to produce the mouth sales.

Gome's management idea is the small profits and quick turnover,Kitchen hood high-quality low-cost, guiding consumption, service scrambling, relying on the chain business GongJian z is big sales network, the country with strong sales system and larger market share, and produces the factory cooperation, create the new marketing mode marketing this commitment to large-scale group purchase to reduce the purchase cost and enhance purchasing ability, support sales, guarantee profits, in order to ensure the huge sales of the normal operation of the system,Island hood the country must also build a strong warehousing and distribution system, it is the purchase, sale, distribution, the three important links in the organic and powerful harmonious operation made gome today's brilliant.

The country is the largest single purchasing has been become the basic supply and marketing mode gome, in the traditional supply and marketing mode, downstream suppliers all the upstream suppliers hand replenish onr's stock, and bear the markups upstream suppliers, which will be a business of the cumulative distribution profits on to final customers, gome according to its characteristic, after a full investigation and describe, puts forward the commitment of distribution mode, namely the manufacturers give gome preferential policies and preferential price, and assume the responsibility of the distribution of the country,Stainless steel hoods that is, in a certain periods of time, the country must ensure that the commitment of the factory by sales, the commitment is of high market risk distribution, also has a good price competitive advantage, based on the huge market sales system and cheap price, gome completed preliminary the expansion of the market.

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