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ShangPu consultation: analytical low-voltage future development direction

Low voltage electrical appliances in China's 50 years of history, since 2000, the low pressure electric appliance made breakthrough progress, low voltage electric appliance also from simply assembly, imitate manufacture to independent design and research and development. At present, China's production of low-voltage products nearly 1000 series, the value of about 20 billion yuan.

In recent years, along with the power of the rapid development of petrochemical industry, low voltage electric appliance manufacturing industry to provide great market opportunity. Low pressure electric appliance market capacity and the development of the electric power industry are closely linked. "1025" period with the rapid development of domestic power grid construction, low voltage electric appliance industry development will bring the broad market space. One is the incremental demand, on the other hand, is stock reform. Because of the low voltage electrical appliances general cycle about five or so,Cooker hoods so low-voltage products exist stable and sustainable updating maintenance needs. Currently in use in all kinds of low-voltage products about 57.6, the next five years will be at the rate of 20% every year gradually upgraded.

ShangPu consulting electronic industry analysts think, at present, low voltage electric appliance industry technical level is slow, compared with foreign gap very far, low voltage electric appliance products in recent years to the invention of the application for a patent, for example, foreign companies account for more than eighty percent.Vent hoods The future research direction in low appliances will be embodied in the following aspects: a, low voltage electric appliance intelligent development direction. In modern power station and industrial and mining enterprises, electronic computer monitoring system to be used extensively, with matching low voltage circuit breaker put forward the requirements of the development of high performance, intelligent; Second, electronic product development direction.Chimney hoods In the modern enterprise, the PC control system in place of the electrical machinery components by the system, already is the mechanical electric control system of the mainstream; Three, product combination, modular direction of development. Will different function module combined into according to different needs modular combination electric equipment, can adapt to different occasions requirements, in order to expand product applicable scope, simplify production technology, convenient installation, use and maintenance, etc.

According to ShangPu consulting, which published the 2011 China low pressure electric appliance market analysis report to show, at present the fast development of low voltage electric appliance area mainly concentrated in guangdong, zhejiang, Shanghai and other coastal areas, three together to reach low voltage apparatus, about eighty percent of the total export.

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