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December 31 to old change new policy declared expires, also seems to be an end to the home appliance market prosperity. The reporter zhongshan home appliance market know to visit, end of home appliance huimin policy before stop enforcement, in home appliance market overdraw consumption in advance, policy after the end of the market plunge sales, zhongshan market electrical appliances sale lost more than thirty percent at present just signs appear warmer.

Year-on-year sales declined 30%

"Since the old change new policy is suspended and performance is very bad. Because at the end of last year is over, so a lot of consumer to catch the last train of policy, stick to buy home appliance. ultra-thin range hoodThis year chun xia plan to get married of person, most of the cast at the end of last year to buy home appliance together." All the appliances sales staff said a, years ago the whole home appliance market there appear a large number of consumption in advance, the demand of the market at the end of the year has been foretold digestion and even overdraw, this is cause the pale comparison consumption earlier this year home appliance important reasons.

"Moreover due to years ago overdraw consumption, years later, delay consumption, in fact now home appliance market has entered a period of low." Su ning electric equipment (the Po) big letters shop workers say, in addition, the real estate market downturn has also been affected home appliance market sales. Reporter from city letter to understand the bureau,euro-style range hood before two months, zhongshan home appliance sales to 30% lower than the same period last year.

The old TV half price drop

In addition to a home appliance sells encounter cold,slim hood since this year used home appliance market has cooled. Compared to last year, the old home appliance price drops to a $20, 50 yuan, and before the more popular the old TV price is down by half.

"Last year old TV don't worry to sell,suction hood a DaoShou can earn $50, but now the old TV is not going to accept, because buy less people in, the price also don't go up." Library a second-hand store boss Mr. Chen said filling. And this kind of change is also due to end of home appliance with old change new policy matures. Home appliance with old change before the end of the new policy is not, because the old TV cheap price is in an old people change new first choice.

According to he introduces, at that time, a 14 inches black and white television can also sell 60 yuan, 80 yuan. Home appliance with old change after the new policy, buy secondhand home appliance customers the purpose is very simple, is to go back to use. Now, after the color television all go unattended, scrap TV is no market.

And the other a shop signs, write "acquisition washing machine,slim hood freezer" on, the owner XiaoZou said, "how many money not to receive television, accept to don't sell also pressure money." XiaoZou said to old change new policy expires, the old home appliance demand is small, the price is down badly. Because the old home appliance dissembling down the price of the element also declined, such as copper price has fallen to the home appliance recycling to split, like washing machine is motor can sell some money.

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