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The public will be lifted by the electrical good institutions

Today the electrical appliances (March 8,) issued by the public limited sales shareholders limited sales presentation of termination notice, lifting shares listed on the limited sales circulation time for on March 12, 2012. The public by raising funds of 4.36 billion yuan, for $16.51 a share price, peng hua, bo, peace, Yale, Chinese businessman,commercial kitchen ventilation hood countries yuan and so on six big institutional investors combined with the 260 million shares.


The raising money investment projects, focusing on the company existing main business unfolds, the key is the central air conditioning, the refrigerator compressor and etc, investment region including the eastern, central and southern three industrial base, the implementation of the project can be further improve product structure, optimize industrial area layout, freestanding cooker hoodrealize complete industry chain, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure adjustment.


Household electrical appliance industry analysts also actively to the public the published by the bounds of lift a view, countries WangXiaoYing think gold securities, tempered glass canopypromote the strategic transformation of the appliances will consolidate long-term development foundation, as analysts really looking forward to 2012 years to see the specific achievements transformation. After research showed that the current inventory level is healthy, fully embodies the company last year to inventory strategy looking. "Changing the means of growth, promote strategic transformation" success lies in product force and to promote the efficiency of operations, the inspection standards is beautiful in price advantage of products can no longer apparent cases improve market share,50cm cooker hood if can do this, the company will have new development. WangXiaoYing believe that 2012 years the market share and profitability all can be promoted.

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