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Water heater burning gas not use long-term unrelenting frosty merchants resident shall have the responsibility

Water heater burning gas long-term did not use the unrelenting frosty consumers flooded home, and shall, after investigation, the businessman, consumers are responsible.

In August, 2011, HeLanXian horse in a appliances stores Mr County the price with 2000 yuan to buy a water heater burning gas, the operator is Mr. Ma after the installation. island copper range hoodsIt was Mr. Ma house in a village natural gas has not yet opened, told Mr. Ma installation personnel for natural gas is implemented, the phone call the door again debugging water heater. After the horse the house of Mr Hasn't been living people, the natural gas installation work and no opening door to door in time debugging, water heater has not used. On February 17, until this year, Mr. Ma found that buy unrelenting frosty gas water heater, the house water serious, furniture and suit door were damaged, a total of more than 2000 yuan caused economic losses. Mr. Ma find distributors demand compensation,ultra-thin range hood but dealers said, water heater installation time is long, the consumer the damage caused by the improper, refused to compensation. Mr. Ma and complaints to HeLanXian industrial and commercial bureau.

The HeLanXian checking industrial and commercial bureau, Mr. Ma home water heater to buy time is longer, do exist in the custody of the improper use phenomenon, but dealer in after-sales fail to perform the duty of disclosure, did not explain to the consumers the correct use of the water heater, and shall be liable for certain responsibility, island range hoodthrough mediation, the businessman compensation for Mr. Ma 800 yuan, Mr. Ma shall take other losses.


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