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315 kitchen electric industry survey: after-sales service high praise rate dropped more than twenty percent

2012 netease household special planning "315 household enterprise service survey". Two weeks of survey results show that hutch defends electrical industry straight home industry after-sales service,hood the championship was 10 household industry only one of an average of more than 80 points of industry, it serves to show household electrical appliance industry customer service system is still worth other household industry and learn from it. But this year the hutch defends the index of home appliance industry than all fell last year.

The survey's 10 household industry after-sales service, hutch defends electrical industry has scored an average of 83.67, after-sales service straight victory. In the investigation of the 12 brand, ShuaiKang got full marks achievements. Investigators found that hutch defends electrical industry after-sales service professional knowledge reserves than any other industry is strong, a lot of customer service personnel on the spot can explain the reason of the problem complaints, and can provide the special technical personnel guide maintenance. The boss, ShuaiKang built up the perfect user information system, will users buy products when leaving a cell phone information file, convenient tracking inquires sales of products every single.

3 big kitchen electric equipment are: the kitchen is provided, industrial kitchen hood alexipharmic ark, smoke lampblack machine, toilet electric water heater is mainly. Because hutch defends appliances in use process will consume electricity, gas, water, natural gas, the risk of use than ordinary home appliance to high, therefore, safety become the measure of an important index of the goods are of good quality. If the kitchen appliances unsafe, the consumer health security can't guarantee. The investigation of the problem and the main hutch to simulate the performance of electric equipment products out.

Compared with 2011 hutch defends appliances all the indexes fell

Although in the investigation of electric hutch, the highest average score,commercial kitchen ventilation hood but full marks of enterprise from last year's five reduced to 2, ShuaiKang, the boss made full marks achievements. In addition, this year hutch defends electrical industry after investigation, free rate, the average point, performance, attitude problems connection rate high rate, and other indexes fell. One received a 21.67% rate attitude.

The personnel of the service customers regardless of feeling, blindly information personal information is the investigation "attitude praise rate" one of the reasons is not high. gas cooker hood The big brands the personnel of the service usually after receiving a phone call, would request the complainers leave home address, buy address and buy left at phone. That it can be easily door to door service and after product maintenance and replacement. Beautiful, haier, HuaDi customer service staff after receiving a phone call,electrolux cooker hood keeps asking the home address and customers purchase the phone number of the left. The customer service staff or even once asked "did you have complained the ambry problem", questioned the complainers, to a complaint also failed to respond. Haier's customer service personnel will also require complaints any personal information personnel, but investigators do not provide information in only under the condition of the complaints, also can do detailed record.

In addition, some brand the personnel of the service is not enough professional, attitude changes before and after, such as electrolux customer service staff a hear "forget where I buy on the warranty is not," attitude began to outrageous up, but in the end they can provide information of the dealer.

Scoring 80 points in the following five brand: cherry blossom, electrolux, HuaDi, AoKeMa, KangBao, in addition to the personnel of the service tone curt service attitude consciousness not strong outside,electric chimney they possessed project mainly is three times a telephone survey were unable to get through, not the first time for consumer complaints problems to solve.

Hutch defends electrical industry customer service level is higher, and connection rate last year are not significant, free rate is as high as 9 into more, most of the enterprise can provide "400," 800, "9510 free calls, this year the survey 11 brands in its website only cherry blossoms failed to provide free national service call.

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