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Hisense TV: China color television brand of retail share first

A few days ago, and the authority of China from the global market research institutions in GFK and satisfying kang have announced the 2011 year China main brand TV market retail share, hisense TV takes the market share of the Chinese market first.

A few days ago, and the authority of China from the global market research institutions in GFK and satisfying kang have announced the 2011 year China main brand TV market retail share, the reporter sees, GFK China's 274 cities in 629 counties and cities 24000 stores in monitoring data shows: hisense television to 13% market share comfortably in the first; To China in Cornwall, satisfying 746 counties and home sales of 5932 stores monitoring also shows that: hisense television to 14.77% market share of China's TV market being the first.

This means that, in the intensified competition of global integration,Range hood color television market competition, hisense TV has eight years being the first Chinese TV market, and to realize the samsung, sharp and other foreign brand of transcendence, and continues to lead domestic color television market development trend.

For hisense TV in eight successive years in China first,Range hoods hisense think, core competitiveness of the enterprise lie in technology and quality, the quality is the life of enterprise, is the key products win the market.

Hisense development for more than 40 years, has been the quality about morality and personality to put the height of understanding, to the excellence of world class quality guarantee system, to the consumer to advanced technology and function. More than 20 years ago from the black and white TV set, to the color TV set and now LED TV,Kitchen hood intelligent 3 D TV, hisense has sold more than 200 million TV set, have never seen a batch of product quality accident, a win for consumers in hisense TV product quality highly recognized. In March 2011, China electronic chamber of commerce issued a "2011 China flat TV consumers use evaluation and after-sales satisfaction report", the report shows, hisense TV users satisfaction in Chinese and foreign color television brand the highest scores, this also is hisense TV for four consecutive years ranked first in satisfaction.

Hisense group President YuShuMin think quality is like a good character, quality good faith is the most basic enterprise honesty, only used as food should have conscience to ensure the quality of products, to win in the competition. Hisense took the lead in the quality management in introducing the moral evaluation, strict examination system, the source of a grip on design quality control and quality cost management, depending on the quality management system in neat formation, hisense TV quality products for many years maintained a industry in the highest level.

A group of hisense a line point of critical quality control staff to the strict quality control of the data: LCD module production workshop QuYanNa, in 2010 set "for 12 consecutive months of 143353 sets of inspection module no leak" record, from manufacturing base of LiaoJing between vehicles in 2011 quarter to realize "1133130 plug-in trouble-free", the factory of the three LiQingPeng in 2011 a quarter "inspection 43909 TV not outflow 1 fault machine" record.

Hisense quality system not only stay in the product manufacturing process, but constantly on the rich connotation and innovation, constructing the product research and development, production,Stainless steel hoods service and customer satisfaction evaluation of the whole process of the quality management system. In recent years, hisense participate in making LED backlighting points standard international standards, flat TV national standard for energy efficiency, 3 D TV national standards, and many other international and domestic standards work, become to promote China's flat TV industry health of the fast development of benchmarking enterprise, abide by the scientific quality system and quality standards become hisense television international first-class quality important genes.

Hisense is China's highest award for quality field quality prize since China set up, the first two times won "China quality prize" of the enterprise. In 2011, the high quality quality hisense television for the final in Asia quality management in the highest award for excellence JiangPing selected Asian quality overall win, becoming China's only picked "Asia quality excellence award" of the enterprise.

China quality management association of experts in hisense appliances (600060, shares it) so evaluation, hisense electrical adhere to the "technology, quality, integrity, responsibility,"Chimney hoods the core values, through the whole process of management in enterprise actively promote performance excellence management mode, realizes from product quality, the quality of service, to improve the quality of management and development.

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