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Low voltage electrical upstream industry PVC excess capacity recession

As low voltage electric appliance industry one of the industry of thermoplastic PVC (polyvinylchloride, PVC) and steel, timber, cement and said four basic building materials, and PP, PE, ABS, PS said five general resin and output and consumption are at the top. In the architecture field of widely used all kinds of profiles, pipes, and power system of wires and cables, agricultural use hoses, medical equipment, with a blood transfusion medical gloves are all derived from the PVC. Can say, PVC in the production and living areas everywhere, and economic development situation closely linked. At present, China has become the world's first big PVC producer and consumer. But, in these two behind the first in China, is the PVC capacity has five consecutive years of demand is nearly 2 times, in other words, PVC production enterprise average about 50% of the capacity of long-term "unemployment".kitchen exhaust range hood Plus new produce the emergence of real estate and regulation of the increased dynamics, PVC industry winter will continue. According to the statistics of WIND, March 18, stock price calculation, 13 chlor-alkali industry market value for 52.26 billion yuan, if the industry continues to worsen situation, they certainly will mine...

PVC listed company business all year or into the rout difficult time

A listed company relevant personage in an interview introduction, 2011 PVC industry starts only 60%, while other analysts told reporters, and the future of 3 to 6 months, is perhaps the most difficult time industry

In the annals of the disclosure to the distress in chlor-alkail industry again exposed undoubtedly. According to the WIND show, two city belongs to the listed company chlor-alkail industry has 13 home, although 13 of companies of annual report has not fully disclosed, but our correspondent in the 13 enterprises refer to the information found that,hammered copper range hood whatever the company within the year of the overall performance of how a deficit to win, but for PVC business speaking, performance but became a rout the fact that does not dispute.

"Since the last quarter because of the price of the product sharply down the same period and the rise in raw materials such as calcium carbide, the company PVC business profit affected......" This is used to describe their companies PVC business conditions in common. Earlier, analysts in accepting our newspaper interview that such a situation in the short term is difficult to change, and the next three to six months, is perhaps the most difficult time industry.

That, however, seems to be not flagging industry the true reason. The securities analysts GuoJing equipments in accepting our newspaper reporter to interview introduction, for PVC industry is concerned,slim cooker hood the most serious problem and not cost and price hangs upside down, but serious excess capacity "beginning in 2007, excess capacity of the problem is already dash forward show, the problem is solved, it is difficult to change the industry."

Industry five ST company four losses

Combing the 13 chlor-alkali industry listed company's annual report can see, PVC business of collective recession became keywords, and this, in the company of ST on expression is more obvious.

WIND shows, the listed company chlor-alkail industry five of the home is to ST, and the five companies have four make forecast says the company years profit loss, not the loss of the * * * * ST TaiHua is transferred by shanxi HuaXu chemical 100% equity subsidiary of generating revenue, and receives the government to move of the branch of pre-project cost 70 million yuan to realize the shell.

The loss of the four ST enterprise all have a reason, but from which see not hard, PVC industry boom of the low is the important reasons.

ST auspicious dragon performance forecast says, because the report period, especially the second half of the products of the company sales and prices are in different degree down, the serious influence the profitability of companies, profit for the year is expected to total losses, but did not disclose losses limit; ST Ming, forecasters said performance, the company industrial structure adjustment, in the industry transition, the performance affected by this result in losses, which did not disclose; ST nanjing said the, the main raw material and power prices continue to rise, the rise in the cost of the product, the electricity restrictions, start production shortfalls and chloride products prices dropped to 2011 annual performance losses; The performance forecasters said ST gold, since 2011, although the company main product PVC resin and caustic soda production and operating income is 2010 with an average annual growth have certain scope, but, suffers raw material price rise is bigger, the main products PVC resin price is low, especially since the last quarter, PVC resin prices sharply declining influence, resulting in the company's 2011 annual appear bigger loss.

Many companies are industry stopped at both ends

Even if no cap with star, the other listed companies chlor-alkail industry but also for the day.

The force of the annual report released, and the original group, zhongtai day chemical companies such as the annual report shows, because PVC business since the 2011 years since the last quarter appear prices plunged and cost rising reasons, the company report period of performance PVC business contribution degree can say difficult, the force's annual report shows, PVC resin although occupy larger share of revenue, but whether revenue or profit margins, all has different rate drop.

Zhongtai chemical 2011 annual although the total business income increased by 74.52%, belongs to the shareholders of a listed company net profit of about 490 million yuan, a 68.21% growth from last year. But,hood for kitchen from single quarter compared the situation, the 2011 quarter loss performance, and the steps of loss but not see signs of stopping: company in the annual report of the first quarter of 2012 also show the performance prediction, belongs to the shareholders of a listed company of the net profit fell 80% from a year earlier-96%, the reason for polyvinyl chloride resins market prices were low and quarter off-season, the company plans to sales in the quarter part inventory to season sales and cause PVC a season low sales two reasons.

In addition, the group of 2012 to days in a quarterly reports to make forecast, the report is expected to losses during the period of 75 million yuan to 85 million yuan. For the loss of the reasons, the company explain to the report period PVC market downturn year-on-year drop, the main raw material price rise and yunnan caused by drought impact.

And of the annual report did not disclose several other companies, had successively release performance forecast or letters, while profits each have different degree of increase and decrease, but from the report can also see that the present situation of PVC industry.

Inner Mongolia gentleman is performance snapshot, revenue and net each have growth, for the reason for the growth, not too much performance express explanation. However, access to company 2011 three quarterly can see, one to the third quarter, the company belongs to the shareholders of a listed company of the net profit growth more than performance letters; And chlor alkali performance forecast, said 2011 annual expected attributable to the shareholders of a listed company net profit of 210 million yuan, an increase of nearly 50%, however, access to company 2011 three quarterly can see, in the previous three quarters, net profit growth rate of 312.7%.

And the other company performance that express, and the company is very similar, such as gold and group says, the main raw materials by the report period calcium carbide, YuanYan, coal, power, prices and steady running high, the leading product cost remains high, together with PVC resin sales market downturn, particularly in 2011 after the late September,gas cooker hood PVC resin sales price malignant down, and cost of sales hangs upside down, leading to the company losses, expected losses between 90 million yuan to 120 million yuan; Yunnan salinization, says that period, the company holding subsidiaries at yunnan YangMei chemical industry limited liability company profit total ZengKui 1077.88% year-on-year, the main reason for char, electric power prices by, the original burning material supplies and consumption rise and other factors.

For all profit assault

For those who achieve profitability and pre-performance firms, PVC business has become the ineffable pain. At present, our country PVC common method has two kinds, calcium carbide method respectively production and ethylene production method, and the application of calcium carbide method is more. "No matter what kind of method, using the losses of PVC industry to change in the short-term. The personage inside course of told reporters.

Public data show that the high cost of raw material, production capacity of significant scale industry growth and export market situation of domestic market downturn are created a lot of pressure. In the liquid chlorine, PVC products do not have improved significantly, "fill with alkali chlorine" chlor-alkail industry has become one of the listed company business strategy.

"The company can realize net profit growth period, mainly because of caustic soda business profit ability, PVC in business is also a deficit, last year we PVC business starts is 40%, within the industry is 60%." chlor alkali relevant personage in an interview is introduced.

And in industries such as calcium carbide product price surge in the background, in order to be able to find new growth point for profit, many chlor-alkail industry company set his sights on industrial chain will get through on, in mineral, and power, the large investment project.

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