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Dangdang network in the country DianQiCheng will in 25 new official online

March 21,, dangdang network announced his new DianQiCheng online (that is, in the country after DianQiCheng channel) date for the March 25, when consumers will see new home page in dangdang network of "gome" channel.

It is reported that the cooperation is not the goods on the simple meaning assigned, gome will help the whole category in dangdang, dangdang network will also provide exclusive channel for gome page, consumers in gome offline store can be purchased in the goods when will all available online. And the two sides promise household appliances,chinese range hood digital will toward the "over the lowest price" the direction of development, after each quarter in a month, will hold a sharp depreciate sales promotion activity.

Dangdang network digital home appliance officials say: when the new DianQiCheng and becomes the purchase of the appliances in dangdang network goods will enjoy gome treatment, that is all you electric product logistics, supply, after will be provided by the country. The future to dangdang e-commerce gome, will become everybody buy home appliance another channel.

According to information, gome electrical appliances independent distribution coverage more than 300 cities, support the national network distribution, have all over the home appliance after installation distribution team.

Had already have netizens urged want to buy home appliance product consumers can wait for dangdang and gome joint online to go after the choose and buy, according to dangdang network and the country is the traditional way, the new channel online should round a large-scale promotion. Dangdang network related responsible for said: "side wall mounted range hood at present our both sides are to discuss specific promotion measures after online, if have recent digital home appliance to consumers want to buy, can looking out a new DianQiCheng on-line. When"

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