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Household appliances power technology and market development situation

With China's economy and the rapid development of technology, intelligent home appliance product variable frequency power to the rapid growth in recent years. 2011 frozen annual household air conditioning industry can terminal sale scale 49.19 million units, up by 34.4%, with frequency conversion air conditioning terminal sales for 17.56 million sets, an increase of 112.2%. Frequency conversion air conditioning account for 35.7% of the market share of air conditioning, and in Japan market frequency conversion air conditioning already accounted for more than 70% market. Domestic mainstream air conditioning brand such as gree, beautiful, glanze, etc, are large enterprise into frequency conversion air conditioning market, the author put forward three years to stop fixed frequency production, general main frequency conversion; Gree puts forward five years for variable frequency replace frequency; Glanze air conditioning at the start of 2011 is ready to fully eliminated four category five frequency conversion,curved glass range hood main 3 class above frequency conversion air conditioning. Frequency conversion has also become the technical features of the washing machine product obvious in January 2011 to September, frequency conversion washing machine year-on-year growth in retail sales more than 37%, far higher than the overall market growth, haier, Siemens and sanyo have launched frequency conversion washing machine series products.

For frequency conversion microwave/light waves for furnace, microwave, the light wave frequency furnace technology can be in 0 to rated power within the scope of a continuous adjustment, satisfy cooking intensification of energy efficient also achieve double effect. With frequency conversion air conditioning, the frequency conversion variable frequency washing machine, freezer, microwave oven and frequency conversion variable frequency induction cooker etc core electrical home appliances products based on, frequency conversion power development is also very fast, in the next five years will only domestic form of nearly twenty billion yuan of frequency conversion power and electric market. The detailed 】

The switching power supply industry wide market to force household appliances "wisdom" made 】

Intelligent home appliance, as the home appliance industry green, energy saving another big development trend, it is energy saving and emission reduction with technological renovation, the home electrical appliance industry targeted, tend to be more humanized concept upgrade interpretation. According to the concept of intelligence, only SIMS some ability, thus able to their own performance of self-improvement and reach human some demand, this is the real intelligent household appliances, and switch power supply industry to join, also let home appliance industry "wisdom" made more to force.

With the component technology and raising the level of their own key technology unceasing development, switch power technology in the past 30 years made a rapid development. By the 1980 s, switch power cost and control circuit problem and so on technical challenges is to conquer, the rapid growth of the power supply has the mainstream products. In saving energy and reducing consumption policy environment influence, high efficiency, energy saving power supply products has become the direction of development, the power supply enterprise in design, materials and techniques already realize upgrade technology and in digital television,kitchen exhaust range hood LED, IT and other emerging areas of intelligent application will also present a stable growth trend, and bring our country switching power supply industry greater market space, and to continue to maintain the fast development. The detailed 】

The power supply will be dominated by manufacturers in 2016, more than half the power LED the market 】

On February 3, 2012 news, IMSResearch released the LED lighting power supply device market chance "report showed that in 2016, the global power supply demand is expected to reach 4 billion, global LED lighting power market is expected to reach us $10 billion by.

The report points out, because the legislative reasons and electricity costs rise, and LED lighting rapid market development, in the promotion, 2016 global power supply demand is expected to reach 4 billion, or $10 billion.

One of the authors of and senior market analyst RyanSanderson said,auto clean range hood from the lower power residential lighting transformation with LED lights to high power commercial and industrial LED lights the application field of LED lighting solutions to the demand is growing stronger. The report also points out, the traditional market of lamps had already well entrenched, now to provide power supply device for LED lights, kitchen hoodsLED manufacturers face new challenges, needs a strong power supply device professional technology, this has created opportunities for power supply manufacturer. LED lighting power requirements of mainly depends on the power rating, the LED and LED lights the number of string and the use environment design factors. Sanderson said the design requirements of LED lighting and the lack of standards means that LED lighting manufacturers need to have the strong power supply device professional technology, can invite industry experts or and professional power manufacturers.

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