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Low voltage electrical industry in our country external management environment analysis

In 2011, according to the census bureau preliminary estimates, annual investment in the fixed assets 301932.85 one hundred million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.8%, growth over the reduced by 0.8%, and the annual national investment in real estate development year-on-year growth of 27.9%, are in different degrees of fall back. Power, Chinese society stable and rapid growth in electricity, generating capacity year-on-year growth of 9.4%, the national power construction completed investment with the same flat. Among them, the power engineering construction completed investment fell 6.49% from the previous year, the electric grid construction completed investment of 6.77% increase from the previous year. In 2011, the priorities, south nets were investment of RMB 85 billion for rural reform, security room actual working plan is completed two thirds of 10 million sets.

Although the electric power, the real estate investment growth down, but low pressure electric appliance industry transformation and security room by rural construction led industry overall production and sales last year is still a substantial increase. Year 2011 industry overall production sales and main product sales have more than the same period in 2010 about realize about 15% of the increase, from 100 enterprises statistics report see, pacific range hoodannual production sales growth in enterprise accounting for about 75% of the industry, many excellent enterprise in the industry production and sales growth of more than 30%. But the cost of raw materials and artificial cost the pressure of the rising influence, the more noticeable competition in the industry, less competitive and cost control ability not beautiful enterprise profitability in different degree of decline, the industry leading enterprise economic benefits of good and the growth rate than expected.

In 2012, in the American economic recovery in the euro zone unknown, debt crisis, developing the country's inflation under external pressure, as well as in "WenZhongQiuJin" and turn the way, structure under the influence of macroeconomic regulation and control policy, China's 2012 macro economic inertia will be back situation, and GDP growth more likely to continue to fall.

Power grid investment is independent of macro economic environment, even in some form existence the characteristics of inverse cycle. International mould association secretary-general ROM the fai analysis that in 2012, the economic downside, grid investment may become one of the economic stimulus plan. In 2012 the national power grid will complete investment in the fixed assets 336.2 billion yuan, an increase of 1.79%, with power grid investment is 309.7 billion yuan, an increase of 2.58% in 2012 and power grid plan investment and keep balance basically 2011, will focus on ultra-high voltage power distribution network construction and promote and intelligent substation automation and distribution network. So as to ensure the steady growth of low voltage electrical industry.

The state "1025" plan for the development of the energy saving the environmental protection industry, a new generation of the information technology industry, biological industry, curved glass range hoodhigh-end equipment manufacturing industry, new energy industry, new material industry and new energy vehicles industry and so on seven big strategic new industry, in a prominent position, according to the state of the planning, by 2015, seven big strategic new industry sector accounted for the proportion of GDP will increase to 8%, and by 2020 it will rise to 15%.

International mould association secretary-general ROM the fai analysis thinks, strategic new industry in the next five years gradually become the impetus of the development of the national economy leading force, the development of the industry are to low voltage electric appliance especially in high-end products bring great opportunity of development.

In July 2010, the national development and reform commission, energy bureau official start rural upgrading project. State grid plan in the "1025" during their investment more than 4600 yuan, focused on solving rural power grid weak problem, basically completed safe and reliable, energy conservation and environmental protection, advanced technology, standard management of new rural. By 2015 rural power supply reached 99.7%, comprehensive voltage qualification rate reached 98.5%, comprehensive line loss rate to 6.2% on average. Rural reform which drive the distribution side of the huge demand low voltage apparatus. Rural reform will support 2012 low pressure electric appliance industry to maintain high growth.

In 2012, the real estate industry temporary into a steady development of the stage, but security room construction to make up for the commodity house construction of any slowdown. kitchen range hoodsAs planned, "1025" state to build 36 million set during the guarantee room, living JianBu announced the 2012 years guarantee room construction goal for more than 7 million sets, euro-style range hoodsecurity room construction as cost-effective, low voltage electric appliance products provide a good market space.

In the domestic market, as the user to the general improvement in degree rational, low voltage electric appliance product quality, performance index in demand in the weighting factors sensitivity to rise significantly, the price war market level increasingly limited to saving energy and reducing consumption for the application direction, with high technology in high-end low voltage apparatus of added value facing the good prospects for development and have more significant price advantage.


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