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2012 commercial air conditioning development space is still huge

In 2011 the central air condition market high growth. 2011 year China central air conditioning industry total capacity of the first time exceeded 50 billion, reach 57.5 billion yuan, and the entire annual industry growth of 28.2%. And the beauty appliances in 2011 year the central air conditioning market share up to 13.4%, 55.3% growth rate, gree electric appliances central air conditioning in 2011 year's market share up to 11.4%, a 55.6% growth rate.

In 2012 the central air condition market is expected to boom of the degree will lower than in 2011, but will still have to keep 15% of compound growth. From the perspective of gross margin, pacific range hoodthe central air conditioning with high technical barriers, gross margin level is far higher than the level of household air conditioning. The central air conditioning maintain at 32% gross margin-33% of the level, higher than the average family expenses air conditioning 17% gross margin level. From the competition pattern look, commercial air conditioning show a duopoly pattern. Located in the front of the commercial air conditioning market is still four big American brand brand and two Japanese brands auric and Hitachi. And three domestic brand beautiful, gree and haier. 2008 to 2010 year, the nine companies combined market share of 63.2%, 64.9% and 68% respectively, show increased year after year trend, commercial air conditioning market market concentration enhances unceasingly.

In 2012, the central air conditioning and refrigeration and air conditioning market area of industry and commerce is the layout of the air conditioning enterprise and development.italian range hood Although the Chinese real estate regulation and Europe and the slow economic recovery, China's central air conditioning and refrigeration and air conditioning industry and commerce is the development of the market, there are certain pressure. But the central air conditioning and refrigeration and air conditioning industry development of the industry is family expenses air conditioning broad space many, high technical barriers, market access the demand is high, make enterprise can enjoy relative oligarchs monopoly in the market and high profit margin.


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