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House electric appliance growth started to show New Deal could bring spring?

The everyone's electricity giant of recently released 2011 earnings showed China's house electric appliance after the 2010 a nearly 10 years never appear growth situation, as the second half to the country, energy saving huimin engineering home appliances and home appliance with old change new three stimulating domestic demand policy of gradually exit, the domestic household electrical appliance industry growth also began showing signs.

House electric appliance growth

Since the financial crisis since the government launched home appliance went to the country, to old change new and energy saving huimin policy to start a domestic market. Subsidies in the past two years led the Chinese home appliance market growth, but at the same time to some extent, also make the Chinese electrical appliances the overall markets have advanced overdraw consumption ability. With the related policy has expired, since 2011 in the fourth quarter began, the domestic appliance market growth has started to appear to decline.

From the home appliance enterprise 2011 earnings to see, many companies a significant slowdown in performance: the beautiful rhombohedrons electric 2011 revenue realized 9.004 billion yuan, island copper range hoodsup by 9.44%; Net profit of 106.5791 million yuan, 67.28% year-on-year drop. Kelon 2011 revenue of 18.49 billion yuan RMB, a 4.51% growth year; Net profit of 227 million yuan, up reduced by 61.21%. Deep konka is expected to net profit of 10 million yuan to 30 million yuan, up 64.26% to 88.09% decline.

In addition, a few home appliance leading enterprise 2011 earnings although keep growth, but growth is far lower than the same period in 2010 level. The electrical 2011 revenue of RMB 93.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%, net profit of 3.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18%, and in 2010, the gross income and the electric net profit growth to 57.70% and 69.24%, respectively. Gree electric appliances 2011 revenue of 83.595 billion yuan RMB, a 37.48% growth year; Net profit of 5.245 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22.67%. But compared with 2010 gree revenue and net profit growth of 42.62% and 46.46%, respectively, in 2011 the rate of growth of gree fell 12% and 52% respectively.

Samsung economic research institute strategy group chief researcher LiGang says that in the past two years of policy stimulus is haier, beautiful, gree, domestic appliance manufacturers sales and profits have increase of the main driving factors, the government subsidies become a net profit of the main driving factors, and even account for some of the enterprise, more than half of the profit before tax. And with the 2011 these stimulus policy have expires, to domestic appliance enterprise operating pressure.

Beijing kang yi time market research Co., LTD HeJiQiong think, because the Chinese electrical appliances market overall spending power has advanced overdraw, appeared in 2011 the home appliance of surplus production capacity, the whole city market main home appliance variety urban households tend to be saturated the ownership and real estate market downturn, and operation cost of raw materials such as rising home appliance market factors write-downs. And these bad factors will continue to 2012, home appliance market status of this year is not optimistic.

Consumption upgrade to lure enterprise accelerating transformation

In view of the current domestic appliance enterprise the dilemma facing the, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, technical upgrades become effective weapon against the market downturn. According to the monitoring data of kang yi showed that in 2011, China's house electric appliance product overall upgrade situation presented. With white electric industry, for example, in the air conditioning field, frequency conversion air conditioning retail share close to 50%, up 55% year-on-year. In the washing machine market, platen washing machine still become drive market the fast growth the "engine", retail sales accounted for more than 44% than the market. From the market growth trend, three, to open the door and other high-end than,commercial range hood retail sales occupy the whole fridge products market share 60%. Another field in color television, the permeability of intelligent TV in December 2011 already was as high as 33%.

Consumption attracts the people upgrade electric listed companies pace transformation. Qingdao haier in an annual report that, in the household electrical appliance industry slowdown in the meanwhile, industry growth significant structural change, in high-end products sales accounted for ascension than. The green environmental protection, the intelligent, artistry, human nature to become the main trend in the white electrical appliances product, high-end home appliance of increasingly by the consumers. Haier is also increasing in high-end home appliance market development efforts.

In the recently were held in Shanghai "the Chinese electrical appliances development peak BBS" on, China light industry association of BuZhengFa said: "the home appliance product consumption is present diversity and personalized feature, high-end consumer goods and service needs developing rapidly, a lot ZhongDiDuan products face. In order to expand the upgrading of the electrical home appliances products people demand, this request domestic appliance enterprise to increase product development efforts, speed up the transformation and upgrade, to adapt to the change of the structure of consumption and demand".

Brand China industry league secretary general proceedings think, hoodthe Chinese electrical appliances enterprise development direction will surely be highly energy-efficient products sales accounted for pursuit of ascension and consumption than upgrade to meet the demand. Domestic appliance enterprise technology innovation ability can promote quickly, to meet the market competition and consumer structure change request, will be crucial to their future.

Growth still has the potential to

In the industry opinion, though home appliance enterprise 2011 earnings growth appear generally decline, but at present domestic electrical appliance industry is still in the rigid demand, market growth fundamentals did not change, with high-end product upgrading popularization speed, the home appliance market space is still has the potential future growth.

"The current domestic market consumption level 4, three potential has inspired, a, the secondary market upgrade renewal, is expected to rise in 2012 the Chinese electrical appliances the size of the market still is expected to reach 1.3 trillion yuan, and will be more than 8% year-on-year, but growth rate will be more than 2011 narrow about 3%." HeJiQiong says.

And at the same time, new home appliance stimulus when issued more industry concern and expectation. Early march this year, the ministry of commerce minister Chen deming e-sun metal detector it in public, the country 28 provinces countryside policy will continue to home appliance at the end of 2012, the relevant department is currently study introduce new expand consumption policy.

To this, the everbright securities analysts think he, the ministry of commerce will introduce new consumption promoting policy is likely to include new home appliance stimulus policy, slim cooker hoodis expected to new energy efficiency subsidies and electrical home appliances products for low-income people of subsidies of the launch of the probability is bigger, including subsidies for low-income people probably driven home appliance with affordable housing demand combined, thus promote the low end of the home appliance of consumer spending.

LiGang said, 2012 national policy should be adjusted, will to a great extent determine household electrical appliance industry future performance, don't rule out individual regions, individual products will be temporary stimulus policy implementation of may. Meanwhile, security room construction market also is expected to be an alternative commodity house pulling home appliance of engine demand.

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