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Faced with this technology content security cable need keep abreast of the market

Security cable as security system important connection and the loss of the interface, follow safety system in social life of the

comprehensive application has developed greatly. With the improvement of science and technology and information produce vigorous

development, China's urbanization process, each peace city, construction of the increasing demand wires and cables, various specifications

and types of wire and cable products are used in security, fire control, communication, network and so on in the emerging high-tech

industry. But the lack of technical content, let China security cable in a dilemma for development.

Currently on the market is mainly domestic security cable enterprise production. Manufacturer mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta

and the Yangtze river delta region. And more than any other region, Kitchen hoodthis kind of region economy more developed, the social security

situation more complex, security project construction is more again early.

Shenzhen is the pearl river delta region in the town of security, it is the domestic security industry bibcock and window here on a large

number of cable production and sales enterprise, such as united way, and LingYu jiaxiang, news, akihabara, the leads, seg, etc. Shenzhen

area cable enterprise with the local security industry development, earlier entered the domestic security cable market through and shenzhen

local security products manufacturers, agents, engineering business cooperation, products in China, recognition and market coverage is

higher. Shenzhen of ZhongXingZhong endeavour in that interview, with the security industry growth strength, security cable enterprise also

made considerable progress, from intelligent traffic, environmental protection, the work of the government, public security, peace city,

intelligent household, industrial monitoring in the field of any more than a concept, all with "security" two words are closely connected.

China shenzhen security industry, have been push forward the security industry the development of fusion powerhouse. Can see further

security industry and things the fusion of network development, will become the scale of the high-tech market.

Shanghai is the bibcock of Yangtze river delta. As the most important domestic product research and development base of cable, Shanghai on

such as Shanghai electric wire electric cable research institute, China electronics technology group corporation, Shanghai institute of 23

DianLanChang famous at home and abroad, such as the electric wire and cable products research and development production units. Cable

products development, manufacture, supporting ability is very strong. This advantage is also in security industry cable are present in the

product manufacturing enterprise. At present the Yangtze river delta region main cable safety production enterprise with Shanghai love

spectrum Wharton, Shanghai day sincere. In addition to yangzhou as jiangsu security cable production Windows, also gathered the unicom,

associating a, earlier Yang and a number of a certain scale production enterprise and a lot of the cable type cable manufacturer. The good

and bad are intermingled, will lead to confusion of market. China security cable market this performance in the following aspects:

Owe standard, each take the way of existence,Glass hood sustainable development underpowered

Our country security market greatly small cable security cable enterprise how many, how big is the industry, there isn't an exact statistics

data, but more than 70% of the security cable manufacturers, because of limits of various conditions, the production equipment is very old.

Its production tools are in use domestic seven of the eighty s, equipment, some manufacturers use even normal manufacturer of equipment

eliminated down. Generally speaking, this kind of equipment factory total input are deficient RMB 1 million yuan, of which, a significant

proportion of manufacturer even stay in the shift of production stage, only several hundred thousand yuan to buy a few investment necessary

production equipment, and most of the production links need to rely on done by hand, not professional testing equipment and testing method,

process management in chaos. At the same time as the small size of the enterprise, to introduce some highly qualified professionals, product

quality control and product development nearly blank. In this production equipment and management conditions, the quality of the products

and the use of performance reliability is cannot assure, professional high performance product development is mentioned.

Most of the other areas in there are local security cable manufacturers. One kind is have a fairly large state-owned or stock cable

enterprise, security cable is just one part of the product. Such manufacturer strong technology, the product quality is reliable. But

because the production of professional enough,Island hood or because the management structure of the factors causing production cost is higher, and

therefore there are a market price is on the high side, delivery cycle long faults. The second personal investment properties of small

manufacturers, because of lack of funds and all kinds of other reasons, the product specification to guarantee the quality of a single, and,

to some extent, there are fake, jerry, lack of less rice code.

Such products used in the engineering construction, often for all kinds of hidden trouble but system structure be familiar with local market

situation, because human resources, rich, plus flexible operation, in the area can also account for an appropriate share of the market.

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