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On our country pneumatic tools industry ten major development trends

1, miniaturization, integration
The limited space requirements of pneumatic components of shape dimension as low as possible, miniaturization is the main trend of development. Now the minimum inner diameter cylinder is only f2.5, and made the switch; Electromagnetic valve width only 10 mm, effective cross-sectional area was up to 5; Interface f4 of pressure reducing valve is developed. According to the survey, miniaturized components demand, about every five years doubled.

The air valve integration will not only a few valve and installed, it also contains sensors, programmable controller etc. Function. The purpose of the integration is not only save a space, and thus installation, maintenance and the reliability of the work.

2, precision
In order to make more accurate positioning of the cylinder, the use of the sensors, proportional valve and realize the feedback control, positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm.

In the cylinder precision is 0.3 mm/s development speed cylinder and 0.01 N tiny load of the cylinder.

In the air processing, filtration accuracy of 0.01 mm,pacific range hood filtration efficiency for 99.9999% of the filter and sensitivity of 0.001 MPa pressure reducing valve has developed.

3, combination of intelligence
The most simple imported pneumatic tools element combination is take valve, take the switch of the cylinder. In the materials handling, already use the cylinder, the swinging cylinder, pneumatic chuck and combination of vacuum cups; Still have a kind of mobile combination of small things, is a guide will take the two cylinder separately according to the X and Y axes combination and become, are also equipped with electromagnetic valve, program controller, compact structure, take up the space is little, the trip is adjustable.

Japan fine device (strains) development of intelligent valve with sensors and logic circuit, is the combination of pneumatic and photoelectric technology. Do not need to external actuators,curved glass range hood it can directly read sensor signal, and the logic circuit judge to decide intelligent valve and subsequent implementation of components of the work.

Development function module had more than 10 years history, now is continuously improved. The generalization of the module can do many kinds of the combination of the scheme, in order to achieve different mechanical function, economy, practical and convenient.

4, mechanical and electrical integration
In order to accurately reach the predefined control targets (such as switches, speed, output power, position, etc), should adopt sealed feedback control method. Gas-convert between electrical signals, has become the key to achieve closed-circuit control, a ratio control valves can become this kind of conversion of interface. A long time in the future development of various forms of the proportion of the valve and the electricity-air proportion/servo system, and make its good performance, reliable, the price is cheaper is the development of pneumatic technology a major issue.

Now proportion/servo system application example has many, such as cylinder positioning; Used for the vehicle suspension system in order to achieve a good vibration damping performance; The turning of the cable car to tilt device; Serve the patient's robot, etc. How to more practical example above, more economy remains to be further perfected.

5, standardization
Implement standard, especially the ISO international standard is the enterprise must abide by the principles. It has two aspects of work to do: the first is pneumatic products should carry through with the current standards of pneumatic, such as the term, technical parameters, test method and installation size and safety index, etc. The second is the enterprise to establish standards of guarantee system, the existing 3: quality (ISO9000), environmental protection (ISO14000) and safety (ISO18000).

Continually add and revised standard in, the enterprise and its products and will then continued development and renewal, the only way to promote pneumatic technology steady development.

6, safety
From the recently issued the aerodynamic of ISO international standard, it is known that of imported pneumatic tools components and system security requirements very strict. ISO4414 pneumatic rule in risk factors into 14 class will, mainly has the mechanical strength, electrical appliances, noise, control failure, etc. ISO international organization was promulgated by ISO18000 standards, require enterprises to establish safety guarantee system, safety problems in a special important will be on the agenda. Therefore, product development and system design to consider the safety index pneumatic technology is the general trend of development. To domestic companies, because of the past of the industry standard ignored safety problems, kitchen range hoodsit is necessary to have already been put into the market product to assessment and fixed.

7, no oil, tasteless, and WuJunHua
Human environmental needs more and more high, so no oil lubrication aerodynamic components will be universal. Still have some special industries, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronic, etc, to the requirement of air more stringent, except no oil outside, also requires tasteless, sterile and so on, this kind of special requirements of the filter will be constantly develop.

8, application of new technology, new technology, new material
The aluminum profile extrusion, casting alumetizing and module assembly technology in China for more than ten years ago has been widely used. ROM. The fai secretary general advice, hardware tools industry science and technology personnel should pay special attention to die casting new technology (hydraulic core-pulling, vacuum die-casting, etc.), deburring new technology (explosion method, the method, etc.), piezoelectric technology, bus technology, a new type of magnetic material, dialysis filter membrane application, seal technology, super finishing, nano technology developments.

9, meet the special requirements of certain industries
In the fierce competition in the market, for certain industries to the special requirements of the development of special pneumatic components is to develop the market one important aspect, GeChang are concerned. The domestic industry in the near future development of pneumatic such as aluminium special air cylinder (high temperature resistant, since the lock), railway cylinder (seismic, high reliability), tracks lubrication special air valve (low temperature resistance, since the filtering ability), environment-friendly cars gas system (more medium, good performance), etc.

10, energy saving, environmental protection, low power consumption
Energy saving is the enterprise permanent topic, and will establish ISO14000 environmental protection system is stipulated in the standard. Pneumatic components of low power consumption is not just for saving energy, more important, it can be combined with microelectronics technology. Power consumption 0.5 W solenoid valves have commercialization, 0.4 W, 0.3 W air valve has also development, can directly control by the PC.

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