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And smoke, the kitchen, back into the brand attention top 3 armour

According to the first domestic Internet consumption research center (hereinafter referred to as ZDC) recently released 2011 year China home appliance market research the annual report, oil absorption, kitchen burning gas, alexipharmic ark three categories of products brand attention and are listed in the top three before, is hutch cable industry mainstream product has gone hand in hand before the only brand into three, at the same time, and gas water heater brand attention being the first rank.

According to ZDC report, and oil absorption brand attention for 13.6%, promotion third, 2011 year most dramatic rise. The report shows that in recent suction style cigarette machine and market brand attention rates as high as 35.5%, far ahead of other brand; At the same time, and machine of Chinese market focus to 15.4 ratio ranks first,Range hoods a lot of attention contribution share; Especially, and oil absorption single product concern the highest rate, ranks first, and "double turbine" oil absorption will take the lead in the suction up to 19 cubic/minutes large exhaust air, occupy the big suction advantage, give priority to Chinese kitchen lampblack problem and safeguard consumer health, with high cost-effective access to consumers, and promote and oil absorption brand into the attention of the first three.

Concerned expert thinks, technology and brand is affect current oil absorption the main factors of market structure, seize the consumption demand become important competition farmar. The age of the exhaust air into the machine industry, with "big suction" give priority to brand competition will continue. It is reported, 2012 and will continue to increase the big exhaust air of technology research and development input, promotion double turbine machine products, Kitchen hoodand other common brand spread big exhaust air products, this means that big air volume of products market than will improve.

According to ZDC report points out, kitchen burning gas industry after a long time development, brand on the market at present many competition is intense, in 2011 China top brand attention of kitchen burning gas, and to the attention of 18% in third, second only HuaDi and square too, consumers have the widely recognized. The report analyzed that, more users began to accept main high-end product brand, and single product attention rate ranked third, Glass hoodkitchen burning gas and attention to brand to play a key role in promoting. According to information, the domestic kitchen burning gas industry started earlier, but technology development is slow, in 2006, and developed industry first thermal efficiency up to 63% of the stove, cause industry other brand actively follow up, and main "double fusion" stove fire to adopt the internal combustion technology, thermal efficiency is 26% higher than average kitchen burning gas, save gas of a quarter. But there is no country kitchen burning gas energy efficiency standards, that no energy efficiency label, energy saving technology promotion lack of power, kitchen burning gas is a family of large energy consumption, if the industry is to improve thermal efficiency, energy-saving products, can save gas each year is quite considerable energy, according to estimates, if all the thermal efficiency of kitchen burning gas an average of 10% in a year, equivalent to save an annual capacity of 82 million cubic meters of large and medium-sized gas gas field.

The expert points out, although the kitchen burning gas and not a technical threshold high industry, don't have a lot of technical barriers, but to the comprehensive performance requirements of kitchen burning gas were higher, in addition to product to meet basic security energy saving property, and fire fierce, convenient unshaven, durable, kitchen burning gas industry upgrade technology conform to the development of the industry natural laws, besides the requirement manufacturer attentively complete kitchen burning gas outside, still need of national standard actively guide and promote.

According to ZDC survey think, at present China alexipharmic ark product the prevalence rate of increase gradually, the function of disinfection ark to consumers' requirements especially for sterilization level of rank gradually attention. And alexipharmic ark brand to 13% a year attention increased slightly, and KangBao respectively, the top three brand attention. The report pointed out, the embedded disinfection ark save a space, and kitchen whole unification, has already become the mainstream market alexipharmic ark product type, far higher than the cabinet, wall hung products. And double temperature disinfection cabinet of high temperature disinfection and ozone and ultraviolet combination of low temperature chock-full of disinfection, sterilization rate above 99.99%, and high temperature disinfection technology and take the lead in will spread to the embedded disinfection ark, alexipharmic ark industry leading technology upgrades. According to a satisfying kang in time (CMM) data shows, and disinfection cabinet has been for more than ten years before domestic sales in two.

Analysis of the personage inside course, the Chinese electrical appliances association related data show that hutch appliance market will exceed 120 billion, and the smoke, the kitchen, suppressing as traditional mainstream kitchen electric products will more and more popular, and presents a complete set of the new trend of purchase, along with the kitchen electric consumption popularization pulling, experienced more focused on the consumer product technology, brand reputation, the cost performance index, and the buying convenience factors such as the attention be key indicator considerations brand, one of consumers to buy influence choice.

And kitchen electric division XuWeiGuo general manager, said the and smoke, the kitchen, suppressing hutch cable products tied for brand before attention 3 armour, the consumers of and for years fine plow hutch phone support and recognition of the market, and will hold consumption demand, to provide more energy saving consumers nationwide, cost-effective products, leads kitchen electric market technology upgrades.

According to information, and landed A share capital early domestic market, to be listed as the opportunity, established from "gas stoves experts" to "the leading global supplier of gas · life hot water" strategic transformation and upgrading of this goal, the hot water department was established with hutch cable division of two business module independent operation, two legs forward, the common development, to become A living hot water supply system is the first brand suppliers, to field as the core of the gas stove has obvious difference hutch defends electrical mainstream brand suppliers.


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