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« And smoke, the kitchen, back into the brand attention top 3 armour Good faith IPO market risk electric sprint to the test »

Kitchen electric consumption two big trends: healthy environmental protection brand first

With the high end in kitchen electric equipment are in strong, "integral kitchen", "integration kitchen", "hutch electricity integration" and other new concepts, new product emerge in endlessly, the integration of the main healthy environmental protection kitchen products also arises at the historic moment. The birth of the new kitchen electric equipment and consumers' rational consumption idea, the product is environmental protection, whether there is a famous brand, has become consumers choose kitchen electric chief consideration, buy "for" the product has become the vast number of consumers in the heart of the standard.

Consumer brand value

Integral kitchen is the ambry, smoke lampblack machine, gas cookers, alexipharmic ark, dishwasher, freezer, microwave oven, electric oven, birdbath, various drawer pull the basket, garbage crushing devices such as kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances and a systematic collocation a new kitchen form. According to family members of the height,Kitchen hood colour preference, culture, cooking habits and kitchen space structure, make the art and science of harmony in the kitchen in reflect incisively and vividly. Has a whole, healthy, safe and comfortable, beautiful and personalized, etc.

In recent years, with the rapid rise of the kitchen electric market and the growing mature, enterprise pay more and more attention to the brand construction, consumers pay more and more attention to the brand concept, "health kitchen" "smokeless kitchen" concept, fashion and concept of health with the new era extended kitchen culture. A consumer said, the kitchen appliances not only practical, beautiful, more important is to should have good brand image and connotation. The brand is representative of a strength, a consumer confidence.

Integrated kitchen products brand is numerous, consumer idea of a well-known brand, the enterprise strength is in the hard and soft. For example, independent intellectual property rights of the patent, the perfect product research and development ability, the high quality post-sale service, good public opinion influence circle, Vent hoodsand so on, will eventually become the consumer of the kitchen electric brand recognized and loved.

Rational consumption idea pay attention to environmental protection health

And the past buy hutch cable heavy price different is, now the consumption of the brand kitchen electric concept already thorough popular feeling. As people living standard rise, housing conditions improving, environmental protection and brand the two factors, as buyers and sellers market always inseparable from two factors. More consumers choose brand kitchen electric equipment, seeing the is not only the quality and service. Because in after-sales, brand products of the services they provide more security.

The kitchen lampblack problems have been known health risks, integrated kitchen new concept upper wind structure, low noise by technology and mute duct design, cancel the traditional lampblack machine at the head of the human body, noise is indoor noise pollution are obviously improved, cooking at ease not upset, and because the upper wind smoke lampblack machine using the principle of aerodynamics, the air in the pot along the plane through elaborate organization, formation fluid diaphragm, the pollution sources and the external environment for both sides isolation, lampblack not spread before in all sucked, lampblack JingHuaLv above 99.6%, the kitchen and bedroom no more lampblack pollution, and protect the environment.

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