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Hisense electric net profit increased 102% year-on-year to 1.689 billion last year

Hisense electrical 9 evening release 2011 financial report, data shows, the report period, to achieve the company business income is 23.5 billion yuan RMB, a 10% growth year; Net profit of 1.689 billion yuan RMB, a 102% growth year; Basic earnings per share of 1.947 yuan.

Hisense TV sales in China last year and sales are close to 15%

The domestic market, hisense electric said, according to a satisfying kang in statistics, hisense TV sales account for 14.77% of the total sales in China's TV, sales of the Chinese TV 13.99% of total sales.side wall mounted range hood Among them, of China's LCD sales for 15.68% of the sales of the LCD TV, LCD TV sales accounted for 14.97% of China's sales; LED for of China's LED TV sales 20.00% of sales, sales account for 17.60% of the Chinese LED TV sales; 3 D TV sales of China's 3 D TV sales 20.2%, sales for of China's 3 D TV 17.1% of sales; Intelligent TV sales accounted for 20.01% of China's intelligent TV sales, sales accounted for 20.66% of China's intelligent TV sales.

The international market, hisense electric said, group in keep emerging market advantages, and on the basis of market in developed countries made significant breakthrough. Which, in the American market, and chain of brand strategy cooperation channel substantial progress, hisense brand of income than dramatically.

Dissolution of zibo hisense electronic Co., LTD

Hisense group said in the earnings, zibo hisense electronic Co., LTD. Is a CRT product production base, in view of the flat product upgrades fast generation, for optimizing production base layout,kitchen range hood improve the supply chain efficiency, hisense group disbanded the company.

The government subsidies year-on-year growth of 122.5%

The data shows, hisense appliances get the national policy last year 089 million yuan RMB subsidies, over the same period of 040 million yuan year-on-year growth of 122.5%.

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