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« Low voltage electrical need to constantly upgrade technology product development ability Su ning electric equipment by the CSRC directional reply to the 5.5 billion yuan »

In 2012, low voltage electric appliance market will have MengJin development

Low pressure electric appliance is a kind of can according to outside signals and requirements, manually or automatically connected, disconnect the circuit, in order to the electric circuit or object of switching, control, protection, detection, and transform and adjust the components or equipment. Control electric appliance to the level of the voltage to ac 1200 V and 1500 V dc boundary can be divided for high voltage and low voltage electrical control control electric appliance two kinds big. In general, low voltage electric appliance can be divided into distribution appliances and control electric appliance two kinds big, is complete electrical equipment in the basic components. In industry, agriculture, transportation,Kitchen hood national defense, and the people in power department, most low voltage power supply, so the electrical components will directly affect the quality of the low voltage power supply of the reliability of the system.

China's industrial information nets "issued by the 2011-2015 year China low voltage electric appliance market supply and demand forecast and development foreground research report" shows: after years of development, China's low pressure electric appliance industry has been formed relatively complete system. Vent hoodsCan production low-voltage products nearly 1000 series, the value of about 30 billion yuan. Because enterprise numerous, especially a large number of private enterprise of wenzhou rise, form absolute a buyer's market, the production capacity of serious surplus of more than 50%.

Low voltage electrical appliance manufacturing enterprise in China mainly concentrated in Beijing, tianjin, liaoning, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang and guangdong, enterprise distribution in general is reasonable. Enterprise in the economy of scale exist a few problems:

(1) enterprise organization scale small scattered, lack of competition strength and advantage. At present our country low voltage electric appliance enterprise to enter the country big enterprise manufacturers and a small, small and medium-sized enterprise is more than 90% (the sales income and total assets in all of 500 million yuan or more for large enterprise; in 50 million yuan and over as a medium-sized enterprise, the rest for small business);

(2) regional structure convergence,Chimney hoods cannot reflect the comparative advantage and cooperation benefits. Since the 80 s of 20 years, low voltage electrical appliance factory by original home to more than 600, increased to more than 1000 home now. Due to the blind project, the shop is up, cause the area industrial assimilation is serious, and the economic benefit is low, low level repeated construction, causing the backlog of products, energy, the material waste, the economic benefit of the low adverse consequences;

(3) technical structure is unreasonable, the main industrial technology and equipment level is low. According to statistics, in the enterprise of the main technical equipment, technical and economic performance than advanced accounts for only of the third. Backbone enterprise leading products to 90 s international technology level of accounted for only 18% or so.

The report points out that: in 2012, electric power construction will continue to maintain bigger investment scale, the national infrastructure installed new 90 million kw or so, at the end of the year the national capacity more than 1.04 billion kw, power generation equipment to produce so many will need corresponding supporting low-voltage electrical apparatus. In addition, a new round of rural power grid upgrading project, and future three years rural network reconstruction the investment of 300 billion yuan new move, low voltage electric appliance industry to expand in the future is a big opportunity. The key is to see enterprise in the independent innovation products can cater to the market need products and product quality stability, operation reliability, etc. The main enterprise survey from industry, we can see the sales value good situation in the second half, an estimated 2012 years of low voltage electrical overall sales in compared with 2012 will still continue to grow, about 48 billion yuan. Corporate profits will also is in smooth moderate increase.

2012 is the intelligent power grid will enter the overall implementation stage, the total investment scale to nearly $4 trillion. These are the Chinese government proved again that the use of resources, to encourage energy conservation, emissions reduction and actively developing a low carbon economy determination and the will. At the same time, the grid construction investment will also go into rapid growth period, a equipment industry and the second son son of industry equipment long-term a huge potential for development. Therefore, industry enterprise to hold intelligent power grid development opportunities, and with the intelligent network development, enterprise to aware of the future development of low voltage apparatus should first from the system development point of view to consider. And to all the power distribution, from the system to protect, control components,Island hood from the high voltage electricity to solve as malicious effort.

China's industrial information nets researchers TanRong said: future low-voltage products development will show the following trends:

Low pressure electric appliance product intelligence. In modern power station and industrial and mining enterprises, already widely used electronic computer monitoring system, with matching low voltage circuit breaker put forward the high performance, intelligentized, and requests the product has to protect, monitoring, test, diagnosis, display, and other functions.

Electronic products. In the modern enterprise, the PC control system in place of the mechanical components by electrical-the system, already is the mechanical electric control system of the mainstream. The system requirements electric products with high reliability, high anti-interference, also requires contacts can be reliable through to the low voltage, low current, contacts the arc can't disconnect interference electronic circuit in normal operation.

The product mix, modular. Will different function module combined into according to different needs modular combination electric appliances, is the low pressure electric appliance industry development direction. In contact device on ontology with auxiliary contacts head components, delay components, since the lock components, interface components, machinery chain component and surge voltage components, and can adapt to the requirements of different occasions, in order to expand product applicable scope, simplify production technology, convenient installation, use and maintenance. At the same time, there will be further improved the reliability of products and product quality.

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