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Su ning electric equipment by the CSRC directional reply to the 5.5 billion yuan

April 12,, suning appliance received the China securities regulatory commission on the approval su ning electric equipment Co., LTD. The non-public issuance of stocks of the official reply ", approved su ning electric equipment non-public no more than 447154480 new shares, the rights issue since approval within 6 months of effective. The directional reply means su ning won by raising $5.5 billion fund will be successful, su ning electric equipment officials say,Cooker hoods offering investment by the chains of gold for su ning development programs, logistics platform construction projects, information platform upgrades will quickly start.

It is reported, the official reply is aimed at in June last year by secondary scheme directional su ning, around the future ten years of strategic planning needs, su ning made to 12.30 yuan/non-public issuance of stocks of no more than 447 million shares and raising money total 5.5 billion yuan of non-public scheme. Development of non-public did object for su ning electric equipment the controlling shareholder and the actual control of wholly owned the near east nanjing rundong investment Co., LTD, Beijing hongyi two zero one zero equity investment center (limited partnership) and xinhua life insurance Co.Stainless steel hoods, LTD. Among them, the nanjing rundong investment subscribe of approximately 285 million shares, amount at about $3.5 billion, Beijing hongyi spend 1.2 billion yuan subscribed for 97.56 million shares, xinhua life is subscribed for 65.04 million shares, amount of about 800 million yuan.

In June last year, su ning released on "technology transformation wisdom su ning" as the core of the new ten years development strategy, the development worked out a detailed route of practice, this will raise funds mainly used for new ten years development strategy and the implementation of the concrete will be used in the development, logistics chain platform construction, information platform upgrades and added liquidity and so on four big projects.Island hood According to the plan in 2015 years ago su ning plan built 60 logistics distribution center, into the offering of the cast of 15 in the logistics distribution center construction. The money also will be used for the major network in the chain su ning market and jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong and fujian and other developed township market development. While electronic commerce as su ning electric equipment is one of the key development, should also benefit

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