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Sunfly Electric Main Products:Kitchen Hood,Range Hood,Range Hoods……

« Su ning electric equipment by the CSRC directional reply to the 5.5 billion yuan In 2012, low voltage electric appliance accessories market will have MengJin development »

Shijiazhuang: home appliance sells Ian open early may

Payment by installment, extend energy saving subsidies, give the supermarket coupons...... rice noodle oil May 1 is not to, the provincial capital of the electric appliance store sales promotion war has important in advance, affordable war, the culture war, war, the store of sales promotion means WangLaoZhan rotated, will be home appliance market speculation have to buzz, and people in the business a wave after wave of price war also will be the biggest beneficiaries.

People buy home appliance value most is affordable, hood for kitchenit is caught the citizens of this kind of psychological demands, the north, su ning electric equipment are introduced various huimin measures. According to the north electrical work personnel introduces, April 14-25, in the city north will buy home appliance nine store launch session the activities of the issue huimin subsidies, when people buy a single machine with a certain amount of small home appliance, will get a huimin subsidies voucher, people hold the subsidies can be reaching to the use of cash coupons, and based on this, the consumer is also can get $50 to 300 yuan of rice noodle oil supermarket coupons.

SuNingZe May Day in domestic outfit and the consumption of the newly married before the young man, the electrical appliances cost is larger, more cautious in hand the actual situation, the bank of China, China construction bank, combined agriculture bank, icbc, everbright bank introduced a brush is 6 period or credit card to enjoy 12 installment of the payment, 0, 0, 0 interest down the activities of the fee, and let the young could easily buy home appliance no trouble back at home.

In order to advance preempted holiday home appliance market share, household electrical appliance industry also reveals the traditional open a shop "killer", before the Passover at first, auto clean chimneyaccounting for all market opportunities.

It is reported, su ning electric equipment new ten thousand party flagship store is on May Day former "sitting" southwest zhongshan business circle, when consumers will be able to in the first time feel the most advanced electronic products and frontier consumption concept. It is reported, set up shop by "dongfeng", when black electric and white electrical preferential strength will be 15%-20%.

The north appliances will also through the "super store the sixth anniversary celebration the more affordable night" excuse to capital famous TV media "the emperor qianlong earn",kitchen chimney hood and "emperor" when consumers, "sweet princess", "ji's morning mist", "ho-shen" big play through the crowd, the scene to help consumers cut price, seconds kill, lottery, a distributed shop ritual, let consumer in having fun to buy the cheapest home appliance.

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