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The central air conditioning home appliance: technology clear factions intriguing

The central air conditioning as improving industrial and business, office, scientific research, and other environmental conditions of the new industry, with the rapid development of the economy in our country, in the domestic market is also showing high growth trend. According to Mr D consulting (AVC) research data, nearly three years, in addition to 2009 years from the global financial crisis affect growth rate dropped to the single digits, 2010 to 2011 maintained the 30% growth. The central air conditioning market scale from 2008 in 32 billion, the fast growth in 2011 to 56.8 billion yuan.

In domestic central air conditioning industry structure,side wall mounted range hood has been formed to water (wind) cold centrifuge, screw condensing units, as a representative of the Europe and America in the typical representative have york, carrier, ase, McQuay), with cold media variable flow unit as representatives of Japan and South Korea (typical representatives to jin, Hitachi, Toshiba, mitsubishi heavy industries, samsung), with China professional refrigeration enterprise, as a representative of the traditional department (typical representative one day add, tip, ambitious, ShuangLiang, shield Ann, etc), with home appliance product extended into the home appliance department (typical representative for beauty, gree, haier), a variety of technical schools coexist market situation.

Observe carefully domestic central air conditioning industry development situation, a phenomena are very interesting, that's recent high growth enterprise, is neither from traditional strong in Europe and America, and not from the advanced technology in Japan and South Korea, not from the more traditional Chinese professional enterprise, kitchen aire range hoodbut from domestic appliance is come. Since 2008 an average of 21.625% growth industry, and the United States, gree, haier three domestic appliance brand sales growth rate is as high as 47.2%, more than the industry average of 25%.

According to Mr D consulting (AVC) research data: the current domestic market share top 10 brand, domestic brand has possession of a four seats, including home appliance is the brand has three seats.hoods Although auric still occupied first place industry, but slowed considerably. And domestic appliance leading enterprise from the first 2008 into the top three, have leapt to the position of the runner-up, gree also since 2009 into the industry the top three, become one of the fastest growing enterprise. Beautiful, gree and auric distance narrowed, daikin leader has started challenged.

Why, in the central air conditioning industry will be home appliance is leading rapid growth, the impact of the pattern of the inherent industry phenomenon? This is a market phenomena behind the tell us what? What is there worth us to focus on and thinking.

First, home appliance is leading with strong brand overall strength. Domestic appliance enterprise leading beautiful, gree, haier is scale enterprise, and each have their own development characteristics. Haier is the most powerful domestic well-known brand, is also a national brand to the world the representative, 2011 to 76.8 billion for 6 years ranked China top brand the most value; The United States is a comprehensive home appliance enterprise, is the rapid growth in recent years and the brand, 2011 sales of 140 billion yuan; Gree is a focus of refrigeration and air conditioning enterprise, 2011 only around air conditioning products a type of income reached 83.6 billion yuan. For a industry market capacity by the year 2011 only 568 many central air conditioning industry as a whole, sales of home appliance of billions to brand into, has great impact. The overall strength of powerful makes them no matter in the brand image, r&d investment, channel construction, and many other aspects of a natural competitive advantage, and laid a solid foundation of high-speed growth. Of course, not to say that the enterprise comprehensive strength is strong, into the central air conditioning industry will be high growth. But, no comprehensive strength of the enterprise to appear beyond type growth is not possible.

Second, cut into proper time, build on the national economic development express. Domestic appliance is enterprise in central air-conditioning market of send force, it is the domestic the high-speed economic development, especially in the 21 century, the domestic accelerated the pace of infrastructure investment. Large investment projects has increased, make the central air conditioning market has expanded rapidly. In this context, the home appliance is enterprise keen and decisive seize this opportunity of development. Beautiful in this stage of development by extension of the way, in 2004 through the chongqing and joint venture rapidly into large general central air conditioning field, won the centrifuge, screw machine core technology. Gree is through the connotative development mode, invest a lot of resources for independent research and development, not only master the centrifuge, screw machine production technology, and obtained in this field of many patent technology. Effective use of the high development of domestic economy background, to accelerate your overall entering in air conditioning field, is of home appliance brand with strategic vision development strategy.

Third, commercial air conditioning and family expenses air conditioning in products, the relevance is stronger, easy extension development. Gree, beautiful, haier this three home appliance enterprise, air conditioning is their main business, gree, beautiful was originally started with air conditioning, the air conditioning refrigeration electrical appliances product a unique product attributes, market characteristics, channel differences have more clear. Especially in home appliances brands to enter the central air conditioning field, basic are more high correlation degree online as a starting point, finally stepped into the central air conditioning field. A little knowledge of refrigeration and air conditioning people know, a sense that the family expenses air conditioning is amplified version, in product technology and product attributes on very close. Household air-conditioner manufacturer to many online field, not only the big technology barrier, and on the marketing can also with family expenses air conditioning mode and channels. So, we can clearly see the many household air-conditioner manufacturer, is to use this kind of relevance to this field quickly cut, and realize the rise in central air conditioning field.

Fourth, respect for central air conditioning industry professional.industrial kitchen hood Home appliance is the technology and marketing brand inherent characteristics and central air conditioning are entirely different, but in the field into air conditioning of home appliance enterprise can clear recognition to the central air conditioning industry professional, reflected in three aspects: one is the large importsof hvac, refrigeration, air conditioning professional talents, especially from colleges and universities to recruit graduate students, and develop their own professional technical and marketing backbone; 2 it is more than the product is consolidate online advantage, and actively into the large professional central air conditioning field, formed in the central air conditioning field online, screw more machine, centrifuge, module machine, ChanYuanJi and end equipment all series of coverage, and to ensure the into the industry has no obvious products after short board; Three is a professional market promotion and marketing. The central air conditioning promotion not just selling products, more important is rivalry technologies and services. Many also is household electrical appliance industry transformation over the enterprise, because not able to take the professionalism of the central air conditioning, or in the home appliances thinking to do, and devote a great deal of resources, took a lot of muscle, the result is the wasted effort. The key is to ignore the professional and particularity.

Fifth, familiar with the operation characteristics domestic market, through the agents borrow local connections resources. In the central air conditioning industry started in the Chinese market, has been in Europe and the United States of york, carrier, ase, McQuay four brand and auric, as a representative of the Japanese brands dominant until 2000, the year after with beautiful, haier, gree incision, market just undergone a fundamental change, formed the domestic appliance department to traditional central air conditioning enterprise the challenge of the present situation, and not long time leapt in the industry leader. Domestic appliance is the enterprise can rapid rise, the main benefit from their foreign brand than traditional more familiar with the domestic market, in the use of social resources aspect to have the natural advantage, not only can borrow family expenses air conditioning channel resources, still can use for a long time in the local accumulation connections resources.

Sixth, the introduction of home appliances of the marketing gimmick, pull low industry average the popularity of favorable products. The central air conditioning to enter the Chinese market earlier, is based on industrial equipment for the market marketing, industrial equipment attributes make it more or less infected with the planned economy of the bad habit. Family expenses air conditioning is typical resistance to consumer goods, so the market is far greater than that of the central air conditioning high. Home appliance is the brand into, the natural family expenses air conditioning a more market-based marketing model introduced to the central air conditioning. Such as, in many online, ChanYuanJi market, the traditional central air conditioning past very rarely used to store up goods distributor of practice. Home appliance is enterprise by the agent to store up goods, the market development pressure through the store up goods transferred to agents body, prompted the dealers have to try to use local contacts access to resources project. For another example, the central air conditioning industry in earlier years, the "three years don't open, eat three years opening" that is very profitable. Home appliance department after entering the market to the marketing, quickly drawn down the price. This practice is not only of home appliance brand sales growth happen quickly, more important significance is down industry price, be helpful for central air conditioning products popularity.

The foregoing is six o 'clock in the home appliance enterprise to enter the central air conditioning field rapid development of the important reason, but not all. Because, each enterprise can get high speed development, is a lot of factors the role the comprehensive results. The same is home appliance enterprise to enter the field of air conditioning, the difference is very obvious. Some enterprise brand awareness is high, the timing of the into earlier, normally for up market opportunities, but because of the central air conditioning industry understand biases, or is in a hand not ready to say, the result is "got up early cast a late set", it can't keep high growth.

Although, home appliance brand in the central air conditioning field is developing fast, and the challenge of leading enterprises, but this does not mean that the industry has become home appliance is of the world. Objective to see, in the central air conditioning industry in the top 10 of the brand, foreign brand occupies the six seats, home appliance is brand also accounted for only three seats just. And in the product quality, the technical research and development, and professional ability, foreign brand or occupy certain advantages, as long as foreign brand can realize their short board, to step into the rapid development track not impossible.

Therefore, the domestic appliance department in the central air conditioning industry high-speed development, but the current industry a market phenomenon, is not worth to show off. Maintain long-term high-speed development, that is the home appliance is enterprise to the pursuit of the results, on the one hand, the domestic appliance is enterprise or challenge is in position, and higher goals need to realize; On the other hand, we need to make a breakthrough on technology innovation, after all central air conditioning is a high technical content than family expenses air conditioning of industry. Not in the technical leading words, to something in the global market is not realistic. So, for domestic central air conditioning enterprise, it need to walk the road is very long, home appliance is enterprise as an industry of the challenger status hasn't changed.

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