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Frequency conversion air conditioning into China's future development trend of air conditioning

In recent years, China's frequency conversion air conditioning market share rise rapidly, now has exceeded 50%. The author came to a large electronics stores nearby, random interviewed 10 people. Among them, there are nine personal says will buy frequency conversion air conditioning. Only a personal choose to buy the air conditioning that decide frequency. Frequency conversion air conditioning has become the future development trend of air conditioning. 2012 years of air conditioning inventory to change, frequency conversion air conditioning has always been good sales of several months, are a growing. So what are the characteristics of frequency conversion air conditioning is worth people to buy?

Frequency conversion air conditioning temperature control precision is high. It can change through the speed of the compressor to control air conditioning units, refrigeration (hot) volume.italian range hood The cooling (hot) quantity to have a change range, such as 36 GW frequency conversion refrigerating capacity of the change for 360-400 W, heating quantitative change into 300-6800 W, so indoor temperature control accuracy can reach degree is obtai ℃, make human body feel very comfortable. In the tempering speed, the frequency conversion air conditioning of tempering speed. When the room temperature and set temperature remains the large difference, frequency conversion air conditioning a boot, that is the biggest power work, make the room temperature rising rapidly or down to the setting temperature, auto clean range hoodrefrigeration (hot) effect is obvious. The voltage frequency conversion air conditioning good adaptability, some frequency conversion air conditioning and even can be in 150-240 V voltage start. Frequency conversion air conditioning on the environment temperature low demand must strong adaptability, even in the below zero about 15 degrees environmental temperature start. Frequency conversion air conditioning can intelligence to identify room size and distribution cold (hot) amount, make different sizes of the room to keep the same temperature.

Keep in room temperature constant, frequency conversion air conditioning used frequency conversion compressor, frequency conversion air conditioning can according to room cold (hot) load changes automatically adjust the compressor operation frequency. To set the temperature and frequency conversion air conditioning with low frequency operation, to avoid the severe change room temperature caused discomfort. When load hours running low frequency, at this time the consumption of compressor less power, and avoid the frequent stop open, and thereby more province electricity.

And frequency conversion air conditioning relatively the air conditioning that decide frequency of more energy. Because through frequency conversion air conditioning equipment in the frequency converter,hood adjust air conditioner compressor heart-at any time of the running speed, so as to achieve fair use energy; Because of its compressor not multifarious open, can make the compressor remain stable working condition, this can make the air conditioning to more than 30% of the overall energy saving effect. At the same time, the noise reduction and extend the service life of air conditioning, have quite obvious effect. Because of frequency conversion air conditioning running balance, reducing vibration and noise also decreases.

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