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The home appliance market May 1 play "three kingdoms and kill"

Waiting for the may holiday buy cheap home appliance, this year may be more province of silver, because the online mall stores in advance and the entity has fired home appliance sales promotion war. This year is more remarkable, always stay out of the computer city incredibly also influenced by the "war" involvement.

You crowded I 】

Ahead of the stores and give big business

"Nearly two weeks, each big B2C website promotion activities are more than 100 every day." A cat nets monitoring found. From April 19 start, SuNingYi purchase, jingdong mall, KuBa nets,pacific range hood gome online mall, amazon have introduced all kinds of home appliance special activities.

Entity home appliance sells the promotion is better than online "slow half racket". As the process of changsha, gome electrical appliances [1.500.00 %] is more on April 21 st promotions.

Comment on: the businesses unbridled shout slogan, to consumer, it benefits do have. April 24,, changsha a home appliance sells the frequency conversion air conditioning dipped below RMB two thousand, 32 inches LED TV also made the 1699 yuan low price.

【 I squeeze his 】
Stores push digital "dead bang" computer city

Be give extrusion, home appliance sells a right turn,commercial range hood turn a big push in the digital market, and to preemptive computer city, mobile phone sells the site.

The reporter found visit this year, before the may, in addition to the refrigerator, air conditioning, television, the traditional home appliance, changsha each everyone's electricity stores also vigorously promotion digital products, some sell field the 3 C product ratio to 40% above even ascension. A large home appliance sells general manager said, home appliance sells improve electronic product ratio is to enhance guest absorption ability, would like to with computer city, mobile phone city fair competition.

It is worth noting that, reporters at the railway station of a few big computer city didn't see any promotion. A salesman said during May Day will make sales promotion, but only three day holiday.

Comment on: nearly two years home appliances profits have diluted, stores transformation excusable. Computer city, mobile phone city rivals more strong, consumers are also much choice, kitchen exhaust range hoodis a good thing.


Over the lowest price? Didn't know much

Many people tend to the net buys home appliance, because the price is low, also convenient. Note that not a website can do all the goods are all "the lowest price", the net buys sure to parity. There is little that buys in return, exchange if, processing up more complex, very test the patience, entity shop is convenient.


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