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« The home appliance market May 1 play "three kingdoms and kill" ShuangLu electric country stealth success rise again »

Namely water heater or become house electric appliance finally cheese

Household electrical appliance industry development so far, no matter from black and white and two electric or instant water heater look, cost more and more transparent, sharply lower profits, the competition between the brand with low price had to low profit, small profits and quick turnover as the fundamental. So it seems that electric water heater and kitchen electric two product lines seem to become household electrical appliance industry of the last two piece of cheese.

For instant water heater industry speaking, as high as 50% of the industry average profit margin, not only let the specialized manufacturer in the past two years to eat some blood, also from traditional home appliance giant tiger about this.

But to a mature industry, so lucrative doesn't seem to make sense,curved glass range hood is "namely water heater" money really so good to earn? The author believes that too many people are only see the surface phenomenon. As the saying goes "only see the thief to eat meat, didn't see a thief beaten", this sentence with at the water heater on the industry is in the appropriate nevertheless, although that is water heater market scale by more than 30% a year speed soaring, but how many really into the instant water heater enterprise belt? Namely water heater industry in expanding the scale though, but the whole industry standard or not perfect?

Supermarket into that water heater "week onion"

Channel skinning amazing profit erosion

Namely water heater profits really high, undeniable fact. But according to relevant sources, and similar gome stores such as su ning open to extract sales 35% the left and right sides, this amazing "skinning" is really amazing.

In the "terminal is king" age, chain giant "controls the consumers to make the factory" practice makes distribution channel, the discourse right very tough business. Namely water heater manufacturer in bear low profit when dull ache, unbearable chain retail giant various kinds of approach fee, sales promotion,island copper range hoods advertisement cost, etc. According to information, cherry blossom electric equipment are to fully exit supermarket, from constructs the channel development, or choose relatively lower prices of building materials market.

Namely water heater is different from other household electrical appliances, it is similar to air conditioning, is semi-finished products, consumer is buying then need to provide installation service enterprise. After that is the cost of water heater industry part of cannot be ignored.

Therefore, instant water heater industry while profits is bigger, but from the channel, installation, maintenance, and repair services cut layer upon layer, true to the hands of the enterprise in net profit of about 4%.

Namely water heater two factions put on "another"

Fierce competition in the industry development of two factions to implement

For instant water heater industry speaking, although many brand, but the whole, at present China's kitchen electric big pattern but remains clearly: is still long triangle and the pearl river delta exhaust range hood The former manages the ents, beth, Rachel, zhan shi to represent the lang, harvard as a representative there. Two areas where the enterprise has the obvious difference, the factions are respectively, "glass tube" and "tube".

For "glass tube" schools of advantages: resistance in membrane blot out the outer wall of glass tube, and water flow through the glass tube wall, water and electricity separation, in normal circumstances safety performance is good.

And for "tube" schools of advantages: technology comes from water type water heater, will send heat pipe directly for in the water, high thermal efficiency, rapid heating, and form a complete set of mature, is the widespread use of the heating technology.

Viewpoint: two factions struggle can say is each has his strong point, it is namely water heater industry in the difference of the competition, whether main high-end or with great concentration do technology, quality is the most basic security, the author also as a user, and know where the needs of the consumers.

To provide an overview of the entire industry all successful home appliance enterprise have one thing in common and that is to grasp the core technology and stability on product quality. As DongMingZhu gree said the "for an enterprise that, technology is the core, marketing is only a means." This is China's most successful home appliance brand success. Also we want to see is water heater industry two factions no matter how loud propaganda way, must from quality and core technology start, let consumer with the rest assured, and the user's reputation is the best wealth of enterprise, encourage do a one hundred years of enterprise is better than a top target of the enterprise.

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