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ShuangLu electric country stealth success rise again

An ever of the city brand, let it from the cities to ordetracted rural. To get the position it has opened the new countryside development mode, it is the epitome of rural home appliance market development, its brilliant witnessed in recent years, the city of the rural market brand marketing success stories.

ShuangLu, a once impress people refrigerator brand, had countless families because home have a ShuangLu and proud, also once created refrigerator first strands of legendary myth industry.island copper range hoods However, its circumstances alter cases, over the ShuangLu appliances gradually after fading away from the line of sight of people. People can not help but ask, ShuangLu electrical still exist? ShuangLu appliances go? People also can find ever of the ShuangLu impression?


The early reform and opening up, China's household electrical appliance market had preliminary development, the haier of the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise led began to show strong development situation. As the 1990 s China's sustained economic development, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise by a rapid growth of their gold time, a second city market strong demand for home appliances enterprises participating in the harvest quite abundant, but this is also the smoke everywhere, the fierce competition in the period. After the smoke, new-fly, haier, rongsheng, beauty rhombohedrons four large family become a second city market refrigerator the mainstream brands. Ever since 2000, with the industry frequent mergers and acquisitions, hisense, long rainbow, the home appliance such as the former seasons also join the refrigerator in a second line products market of fighting, a second line refrigerator market "the red sea" one.

ShuangLu has no opportunity to come in.

However, the country of carrying out the "township and town from" is in the ascendant, peasants' lives and economic conditions improving, the demand for home appliance began to look up.

And so, in 2002, the new ShuangLu through the first ShuangLu brand, after the lease acquisition to borrow again in the production line of changling replacement rent asset light patterns into the refrigerator rural market, at the same time, the original two levels of refrigerator rural channel mode and city all the project, sweeping exploring rural market, and create a refrigerator industry blue ocean, leading Chinese refrigerator industry another wave of the climax of the development, make cixi become China's biggest refrigerator industry bases, and ultimately successful raised the earliest Chinese brand of the old refrigerator.

ShuangLu will brand positioning in three level 4 market,commercial range hood this is "from its strengths, sharpness" inevitable choice. First, ShuangLu brand strong enough. ShuangLu brand influence low, it is not suitable for and refrigerator a brand on the same stage, the case is not suitable for big cities, so ShuangLu can only makes the this article. Second, suitable for rural market characteristics. ShuangLu have suitable for rural consumers actual condition of the low price advantage, at the same time a line big brand for farmers influence is not very big, just is the local terminal sellers sell a most useful, and this is right for ShuangLu practice. Another is huge market potential in the countryside, the real capacity more than 12 market. This is a great expanse of heaven and earth.

2006 ~ 2007 moved to Shanghai headquarters,ultra-thin range hood a cixi and Shanghai songjiang owns two production bases, and the annual refrigerator 100 more than ten thousand sets.

In 2008, two group of home appliance of the countryside in the bidding work, ShuangLu refrigerator all the bid. In the financial crisis started to affect economic entity, the base is located in songjiang ShuangLu production and marketing two popular, the product falls short of demand, the company not only don't like other enterprise that job cuts, but GuangZhao employees, expand the scale of production. This is the resurrection of the ShuangLu after miracle!

Although ShuangLu is an old brand, but the real ShuangLu resurrection from the start, count ShuangLu also just a five or six years of the development of the time new brand, so, the veteran of the new ShuangLu DanZi how is superior in a collection of the house electric appliance river's lake caught up, in rural market of the all-powerful?

The new rural custom service

The ShuangLu appliances reorganization, after repeated the judge decided to abandon the city after the township. At the same time, after field after visiting survey to understand, the rural economy is developing fast, the state of carrying out the "removed from township and town" ascendant, peasants' lives and economic conditions improving, the demand for home appliance also began to look up. But the countryside is neither city refrigerator dumping ground a drug, more is not low end products "fertile soil", because of the particularity of the rural market consumption (such as winter stop summer with) for product quality is higher, the but again particularly sensitive to price, aesthetic requirement also are by no weak city, to service the response speed of the requirements more stringent than the city. The lure of the wealthy towns, farmers have enough buy ability and desire to demand, is the currency to buy, not because there is no merchandise, but because no satisfaction of goods, in other words, on the market is not specifically for the rural consumers tailored to the refrigerator. In short, the rural refrigerator market show the following prominent characteristics: product requirements on high performance-to-price ratio, on the design to meet their aesthetics, after-sales service requirements for immediate response. At the same time, the township of consumer brand awareness and began to grow.

In order to do the new three level 4 market, ShuangLu has specially to the township rural survey, know all of their products? The result is interesting, because the market to the requirements of consumers with 12 refrigerator city almost completely different: first, they think the refrigerator or show off product, so, must have the appearance of the fashion, the second, rural electricity expensive, energy efficiency is very important, buyers optional can calculate which product more than a few years will be how much power consumption, fold into the full price; The third is to preservation.

However, the most surprise, they found that in towns, you buy the refrigerator is put in the bedroom, not like the same or a general city kitchen or a sitting room. This greatly stimulated ShuangLu imagination, since the refrigerator is in the bedroom, the mute will be the first element. The characteristics and later became one of the biggest selling point of them.

To really deep towns and rural market is not a research, kitchen island vent hooda selling point to do. Careful study can find, in ShuangLu, they from the factory to the channel lasted only two terminal level: from the factory to the dealer, and again from dealers directly to the terminal network. And in ShuangLu, sales departments have the sale, after, market, financial and administrative five functions, but sales and after sales is a team, each tube local sales professionals are responsible for after-sales. When compared to other big brands frequently branch, regional total generation, then again what agents, what vast network structure, ShuangLu really is upper body as light as yan.

However, sales and after this one, the arrangement of an extreme channel is the cost savings, but this is not the core, in fact, ShuangLu soon found that the move in three level 4 market is very important: the body as light as yan to swift feedback and solve problems to market.

First of all, dealers and retailers are layer upon layer of tariffs, the more middlemen, to the end of the higher prices to the consumer appeal of course the smaller. They now have the goods sent to dealers, dealers increase 6% ~ 10% went down to retail terminal. The terminal directly to consumers will have more room for refiners, can according to local consumer economic situation and accept degree appropriate increase. Thus, the factory price of less than 2000 yuan ShuangLu electrical appliances in the terminal sell $2500 worth of have, sell $3500 worth of also, but at least can earn 2 or yuan, and other brands of refrigerator, they can only get about postiche. To earn more money, retailers are of course more willing to sell.

But retailers to earn money is also a risk, because if the dealer or manufacturers are not responsible for maintenance, that they sold is all the trouble. And, the township market are relatively scattered, the traffic is not very convenient, at this time the one thousand problem, retailers, and feedback to manufacturers layer, the manufacturer to coordinate after-sales service down, that is basically fuck. And the time for those who want to do business in the town of market for people is very important. Because, in the city, you don't know each other, the products have the word of the problem, most consumers make a complaint call angrily, one thousand telephone that attitude is not good, you still have no place to spark; But in the countryside, you one thousand which parts is broken, even if it is just because of the consumer will not use, even if it's just the power cord didn't answer the phone, if you can't at the fastest time arrived on the scene to deal with problems, that when is really a meal kung fu, spread throughout the whole village and even the whole town, three days, your brand in the local can never be completely in limbo.

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