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"3 packets" period "XiChang" not free washing machine

"3 packets" period, to clean water heater manufacturer for free, why can't free cleaning the washing machine? Recently, many citizens while spring clean home on the electric appliance, the results found that although the washing machine still is in "3 packets" period, but the cleaning service is charge of.

Citizens of the house of ms wu just buy a washing machine is less than a year, recently from saw on TV for a long time not to clean washing machine, bladder sandwich dirty terrible, so to the manufacturer service department call for the door cleaning a washing machine, make ms wu thought is, after-sales service personnel will open 70 yuan for service. "It's a 'the'? And to free water heater, washing machine zha return charges cleaning?"

Now in anshan appliances industry, cleaning the washing machine the service still remain relatively "winner", but is growing rapidly. For "3 packets" period the washing machine servicevent free hood, most brand all is charge of, have a plenty of door to door service charge, platen washing machine in 50 yuan, 70 yuan/time, BoLun washing machine for $30-$50 / time, most of the brand is directly sales call a "barrel lotion" washing machine cleaning agents, price is in 15 yuan/bag around the user buys the home after their operation can finish cleaning.

To this, anshan a large home appliance after-sales service centre Mr. Wang said market to the needs of the washing machine is small, so manufacturers will not listed in the "3 packets"industrial kitchen hood service range, moreover, the water heater tank magnesium great loss will affect its service life, manufacturers provide free replacement magnesium great service, the service life of the water heater also guarantees a way, and a washing machine or not to washing machine service life no decisive influence, so manufacturers will ignore the services.

The personage proposal, the public should develop regular cleaning the consciousness of the washing machine, for washing machine to build up large tank sandwich sediment, long-term not remove sediment,cooker hood can cause the bacteria, to skin health. For cleaning method, besides can find service department buy professional cleaning the washing machine, part of the brand of the personnel of the service advice to join the washing machine after washing powder for washing machine idling complete a washing process, it can remove the dirt of interlining part of the tank.

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