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« In 2012 China's household electrical appliance enterprise adjustment transformation effect analysis research SuNingYi E18 may purchase the launch of the 400 million season and profits to the limit »

Home appliance market may not really cold down growth point still exist

Although many adverse factors objective existence, but it doesn't have to be pessimistic, support demand growth factors of rigid home appliance still exist, such as urbanization drive of the urban population increase, in the meantime, electrical home appliances products in 10 or so update is the peak period, all of these make updates become house electric appliance stable growth.

National stimulus policy have quit, policy market appeared overdraw, overproduction and inventory pressures and so on factors of home appliance market this year brings great pressure, the industry also recognized this year is home appliance market in the cold. In a pessimistic expectations, the Chinese electrical appliances association chairman of the JiangFeng when accepting a reporter to interview, said that while many adverse factors objective existence, but it doesn't have to be pessimistic, support demand growth factors of rigid home appliance still exist, such as urbanization drive of the urban population increase,kitchen range hood in the meantime, electrical home appliances products in 10 or so update is the peak period, all of these make updates become house electric appliance stable growth. Especially update by the virtue of the consumption of consumption upgrade, not only for home appliances brought market opportunities, and will drive the whole home appliance industry structure upgrade, for home appliance market more hope.

Excess capacity

The inventory pressure surges

Home appliance went to the country, to old change new and saving energy subsidies policy stimulus, not only brought home appliance market with the expansion of the scale of sales, hoodsalso brought home appliance capacity the surge. But with the related policy have quit, home appliance capacity is increasingly excess, inventory stressful. Hisense kelon electrical holdings Co., LTD, vice President GanYongHe recently to our correspondent said: "this year is expected to domestic refrigerators sales to drop 20%-30%, from 50 million last year fell to a 40 million units." He pointed out that after two years ago after the unconventional expansion, and the domestic refrigerator has more than 100 million sets of production capacity expected this year, domestic refrigerators sales or will appear negative growth. And analysts say, our country BingXiangYe excess production capacity by thirty percent, in the next two years will have industry reshuffle.

At the same time, high yield can bring high inventory pressure also let enterprise unbearable burden. To KongDiaoYe, for example, by the end of December, 2011, domestic air conditioning inventories breakthrough 11.98 million sets, more than in the global financial crisis under the impact of the 2008 record. Add to this the backlog of their distributors, a large number of inventory.

Beijing kang yi time market research Co., LTD HeJiQiong think,slim cooker hood because the Chinese electrical appliances market overall spending advanced overdraw, appeared in 2011 the overall excess capacity, city home appliance market main home appliance variety urban households tend to be saturated the ownership and real estate regulation, raw materials operation cost of home appliance market higher bad factors. And these bad factors in 2012 will continue, home appliance market sales situation is not optimistic.

Excess capacity, market shrinking, flanked on both sides, house electric appliance face new upheavals. Mr D consulting the white goods center research director Korea yu think, 2008 years since the global financial crisis, BingXiangYe was with a collection of enterprise out inferior brand, but home appliance countryside policy let the rest some small and medium-sized enterprise survived. As the policy gradually exit, cruel shuffle inevitable.

Consumption upgrade

To promote enterprise to speed up the transformation

In view of the current domestic appliance enterprise the dilemma facing the, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, technical upgrades become effective weapon against the market downturn. In Cornwall, satisfying the monitoring data showed that in 2011, China's house electric appliance product overall upgrade situation presented. With white electric industry, for example, in the air conditioning field, frequency conversion air conditioning retail share close to 50%, up 55% year-on-year; In the washing machine market, platen washing machine is still drive market the fast growth the "engine",suction hood retail sales market accounts for more than 44% than; And from the market growth trend, three, to open the door and other high-end than, retail sales of products dominated the whole fridge 60% market share; In the color television field, intelligent TV permeability in December 2011 was as high as 33%.

Today, consumers have not only meet the basic use traditional home appliance function, with high technology content and function of human nature is timely appearance design of high-end home appliance consumption demand is rising. JiangFeng thinks, at present the home appliance consumption tendency obvious upgrade, renewal consumption has great potential. "At present, house electric appliance development have turned to the market driving and balance mechanism will play a role. Market winners belong to those who have a strong competitive power and can adapt to the changing situation rapidly readjust enterprise." JiangFeng pointed out that, in the consumer market appear weak, enterprise to study the mature markets of the operation method, the structure adjustment fuss, pay close attention to consumer demand characteristic change, from create the value for the consumer of mining new business opportunities.

Reporter survey found that in the countryside policy ZhongDiDuan driven home appliance market consumption, high end electrical appliances product market is becoming a new growth point. Therefore, home appliance enterprises have to develop key lock for frequency conversion air conditioning, intelligent TV, high-end refrigerator, platen washing machine high value-added products. In the national power grid, according to the survey, the city consumer groups present a younger, personalized characteristic, consumers buy home appliance product more inclined to brand good reputation, energy conservation and environmental protection in the high-end products. The results of the survey shows that 70.07% of consumers think high-end home appliance product should have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. For refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning and the solar energy water heater 4 products, consumers in the actual purchase, most of the attention factor is the energy conservation and environmental protection. As people living standard rise, the price is no longer consider consumers to buy the product of the primary factor. According to the results of the survey, the middle-grade price of high-end home appliance are the most popular. In all kinds of products, the actual purchase, 79.13% of people choose price is in 5001-12000 yuan TV set, 60.92% of people choose price is in 4001-7000 yuan refrigerator, 60.89% of people choose 4001-6000 yuan of washing machine, 79.66% of people choose 3001-5000 yuan of air conditioning, 46.65% of people choose price is in 3001-5000 yuan of oil absorption.

Consumption upgrade also attract the transformation of home appliance enterprise pace. Haier is the annual report points out, in household electrical appliance industry slowdown in the meanwhile,commercial kitchen ventilation hood industry growth significant structural change, in high-end products sales accounted for ascension than. The green environmental protection, the intelligent, artistry, human nature to become the main trend in the white electrical appliances product, high-end home appliance of increasingly by the consumers. Haier is also increasing in high-end home appliance market development efforts.

In the recently held in Shanghai of the Chinese electrical appliances development peak BBS, China light industry association of BuZhengFa said: "the home appliance product consumption is present diversity and personalized feature, high-end consumer goods and service needs developing rapidly, a lot ZhongDiDuan products face. In order to expand the upgrading of the needs of people electrical home appliances products, domestic appliance enterprise to increase product development efforts, speed up the transformation and upgrade, to adapt to the change of the structure of consumption and demand."

In policy

Attention to the industry

Saving energy subsidies, to old change new and home appliance of countryside policy has dropped out of home appliance market effect, the industry in calling for the sound of policies is rising. Therefore, the ministry of commerce statement will "is summarized in this paper to the country and to old change home appliance new experience, timely study and establish alternative in policy". Although in the details of the policy is not clear, but the policy guidance has caused extensive concern of the industry. The authorities are now in energy conservation and environmental protection of home appliance product support policies, and encourage green home appliance consumption, may include but not limited to frequency conversion air conditioning. "Not must rely on subsidies, but need policy guide and encourage enterprises to quicken the pace of technological innovation and improve the efficiency of research and industrialization." An industry insiders if told reporters.

In fact, the enterprises have DuanDang period of the policy is prepared, and through the technology innovation to test the high-end market. With air conditioning, for example, after years of development, from fixed frequency to frequency conversion era, the industry's technology pattern basically around the energy conservation, the environmental protection,exhaust cooking hood a quiet, health fields spread, covering such technology industry layout has mature downstream and upstream, global economic malaise in the past two years, to be KongDiaoYe with new technology as the core promoting industrial value. According to the China household electrical appliance industry "1025" development planning proposal "requirements," 1025 "period, the proportion of frequency conversion air conditioning by now below 15% of up to 50%.

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