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SuNingYi E18 may purchase the launch of the 400 million season and profits to the limit

As part of the 2012 China electric business has dark horse, SuNingYi purchase apparently have already are determined to keep fighting a price war. Last month, which launched a price war and after a hard-fought victory, SuNingYi purchasing executive vice President li bin May 8, announced on May 16-May 18 E18 may start the season large sales promotion, planned to 2 billion special offer our products and profits to the limit of 400 million, once again, comprehensive breakdown over the reserve price. He also said that, based on April the good results of price war and peer generally negative coping present situation, pacific range hoodSuNingYi purchase has been adjusted the scheduled for August scored home appliance market share of the net buys plan, determination in June in two months achieve this goal.

Nancy is in its micro bo announced the news in, according to its revealed, April a series of large-scale promotion activities to real over the reserve price good effect, financial, and new members and PV core index are significantly geometry class growth, during the campaign sales scale than last year the corresponding period grew more than four times, this further strengthened SuNingYi purchase price war based on rapid cutting market share, leaps electric leading position of China's determination.

According to information, SuNingYi bought in the early part of 30 billion plan released at the beginning of each category for the annual missions have been decomposition,curved glass range hood clearly put the years China 3 C appliance sprint buys the first goal, including color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, hutch defends electric appliance, the original plan this year in the category of August realize first, but now in Nancy's the goal has completed ahead of time for two months.

SuNingYi purchase has been located in the transformation comprehensive e-commerce platform, but in the category of expanded greatly at the same time, the most advantage caught your category quickly major shortcut is rare. As China's largest electrical appliances chain, su ning have global sourcing scale advantages and highly bargaining power,kitchen aire range hood perfect logistics distribution system and professional service ability, make SuNingYi buy home appliance field in full force hair become inevitable.

In addition to the original have favourable geographical position, to buy the home appliance with SuNingYi first goal are equally important. Li said, thought SuNingYi purchase price war triggered widespread will trigger peer scope, but capital markets generally make other electrical contractor in winter to take out of the capital and courage against the overall, only a few platform loose merchants made some price war answer, but clearly SuNingYi difficulty in forming the purchase of a threat, which is also SuNingYi able to buy two months sprint home appliance outside of the first buys positive news.

SuNingYi bought the designated cleared the strategy of market in May have seen on the offensive. According to information, SuNingYi purchase at present has set a after a month before 18 held large sales promotion activity that E18 mode, this month 16 days of JiSuNing E18 may start to buy again concentration on the 2 billion special offer source entry,ultra-thin range hood

Li said, in specific activities on content, on the one hand, will continue 4.18 "easy FuBao filling 100 to 100" and three TianJiu field "to snap up thirty percent on special" the two has been confirmed by the consumer the activities of a welcome, on the other hand, we will for home appliance category launched "the full 1000 to 100 a general tickets" activities, and so, in the lowest price, which explicitly, on the basis of home appliance only part will also have a extra profits.

The more notable is, SuNingYi buying this "again offering not only a sword, wash the market price, is going to hit the FuWuPai to compete for customers at. It is reported,euro-style range hood SuNingYi purchase will be on May 16-18, three days E18 during the campaign, has come into use in the air conditioning category peak launching a special service: every 3000 air conditioning free maintenance been buying tickets. In this way, will have nearly users have a chance to receive SuNingYi bought into the special this service "package".

Li said, relying on the national 4000 after-sales service network and 50000 post-sales professional service engineers, SuNingYi purchase can provide consumers with other electrical contractor service guarantee deficits, especially in consumer very valued after-sales service of the appliances products field.

SuNingYi buying this "provide preferential prices in real at the same time provide consumers with the value-added services, will be SuNingYi buy home appliance buys what's happening in the core competitiveness of the first place.

SuNingYi bought in May not big on this, according to LiBinWei bo revealed that, in addition to large promotion season E18 may outside, SuNingYi purchase of alcohol channel is set in the middle of the official CPT; At the same time SuNingYi buy the open platform will also put into use comprehensive, hundreds of brand flagship store are also expected to in E18 grand opening period; In addition SuNingYi purchase Beijing r&d center will officially start mass recruitment at the end of the month. All the signs are that, SuNingYi purchase has been declared its consistent of electrical contractor "marathon"vent free hood track began the comprehensive "a-yard dash"!


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