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« SuNingYi E18 may purchase the launch of the 400 million season and profits to the limit Adjust electric tools export products with the European Union standards »

Sweet "mother's day" will be large and medium-sized appliances to help you choose gifts


Passion of a small just over five long, sweet mother's day and will keep the and to, "who grass-inch heart, reported in the apartments." Every year at this time, a lot of people will buy a gift for mother tried to, now, to the mother as a festival gift has not only limited in flowers, clothing, daily necessities and so on, home appliance sells also hit in succession to attract female of "soft signs", reporters from large and medium-sized appliances home appliance sells to realize, will spend the weekend of digital, small home appliance, mobile phones, and many other category for mother's day will be on the special discount activity.

"Beauty health" for small home appliance gifts the mainstream

Modelling delicate small home appliance of life by women always welcome, reporters in large and medium electrical ZhongDa shop small home appliance sales areas see, hair dryer, beauty shave wool implement, pore cleaner and other products have many ladies in serious counter selected, customer miss fang told reporters,slim cooker hood beauty is ms all ages common desire and the beauty of small home appliance is not only young people like, his mother was like, just choose one gave her when holiday gifts. And the idea of the men is more really and life, carrying type massage instrument, such as foot spa health care kind small home appliance is for elderly mother who is most concentrated choice. At the same time, for the daily busy in the kitchen, a day for families prepare delicious meals mothers, stove hood small coffee machine, electric heat tea service, juice extractor, yogurt machine DIY type kitchen small home appliance is to choose the intimate gift.

According to large and medium electrical appliance department chief introduction, this weekend to meet the mother's day, large and medium-sized electric appliance stores a preferential, buy the health, health care products, can have seven more discount.

"Fashion" mama love digital products

"Now, when the tourist season to mom and dad called the a sunset group to allow them to go to a good relax, just pick a digital camera to film them along the way my mom scenery, special emphasis on, she likes that kind of gorgeous appearance thin card machine!" Are large and medium-sized ZhongDa taken as each brand shop counter of the choose and buy one summer woman said: "so they then more willing to go to some attractions to play more than, the old man, happy, we do the children also fears." There are still a lot of mother just promotion into young woman, in her husband's accompanying down buy home appliance, "identity upgrade", the joy of the feast more shows. According to large and medium-sized ZhongDa taken as the department store controller introduces, many exclusively for women of the special edition launched digital products are very popular,ceiling hood such as Canon iXus240 dazzle colour appearance 16.1 million pixels wide Angle 3.2 inch touch screen 24 hd video support wifi function is very suitable for the mother to trendy fashion, the other a SONY TX66 since since listing also been female friend of the 18.2 million pixels wide Angle favored 26 3.3 "panoramic scanning hd camera function touch screen for you and your family have a spring outing action will add more fun.

To stores for mom chooses a mobile phone customers is not in a few, many consumer said most in old people appear "presbyopia,", the most mobile phone is simple in design, big screen size and display the good effect. Older customers generally like to choose DaBing appearance,vent free hood handwritten input text message type products convenient, big big volume etc is also font by old customer favour. TianYu A7718 JinLi V666 old machine such as is right choice.cookerhood According to large and medium-sized communication controller introduces, this weekend for feedback "mother level" consumers, large and medium-sized mobile phone a straight drop 5%, kitchen cooker hood old cell phone change new can subsidies by 10%, with the same day with mother photos can also took to enter the sweepstakes.

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