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The share of domestic electric power tools progress will be stronger competitiveness

From the 1990 s began, through effort, in our country electric tool market, domestic electric power tools of the leading position gradually formed, in recent years, received further consolidate. According to the survey, in the domestic market power tools, domestic electric power tools sales number has accounted for 90% of total sales, and various kinds of imported brand product is only 10% share of the market. Foreign electric tool market, China manufacturing scale expands unceasingly, China has become a global power tools production base.

From the first half of 2008 on, domestic electric tools brand advantage, become the dominant market. Another five years or 10 years, power tools in China market, the share of domestic electric power tools will progress, vent free hoodtheir competitiveness will be more strong, the main reason is that domestic electric power tools whether the appearance, is still the inner quality are basic or already can and entrance brand to compete, but sales price but only a third of the entrance brand, even lower.

A lot of import and export brand electric tools (portable tool, will move a type tools, garden tools) are made by a lot of collecting electric tools enterprise brand designated the produce, which also includes many professional or half a professional electric tools. Since a power tools for international enterprise stick a card to produce professional, half a professional electric tools, of course, their produce of the independent brand electric tools level also can reach the level of foreign products. According to information, there is a domestic electric tool enterprise, in for an international electric tools famous enterprise stick a card to produce certain kinds of electric tools, still insist on manufactured by ourselves independent brand products of high quality and good in (especially in service life) OEM products, so as to maintain the independent intellectual property rights, not due to produce OEM brand for your own patent contribution to the foreign investors. This kind of practice is accurate, even if future get the foreign famous enterprise order power tools, also want to maintain their own intellectual property rights and high quality products,slim cooker hood and to do so will make of collecting market share has been consolidated and year after year expand. Anyone who do enterprise, product competitive ability is strong and powerful.

The domestic power tools to market power tools quality and brand more... uptick, no matter be electric tools dealers, is still the bo direct users, are very face electric tool quality and brand. Therefore, the market is going well quality, good brand electric tools the slope of the increase. This is a kind of improved, electric tools that market matures. This is because of electric tools market brand awareness and brand effect more convex, a lot of electric tools dealers,stove hood especially the strength and the size of the slightly power tools dealers, good brand power tools for distribution to show high enthusiasm. Also because of this, get China famous brand of home electric tools enterprise of the six famous brand products and a batch of obtain province (city) famous brand power tools to the market products better care,kitchen hood mantle generally feel good market, produce appear busy, some even Shouting to produce. According to international mould association secretary-general ROM the fai investigation, Shanghai sharp odd tools Co., LTD, zhejiang and electric appliance Co., LTD, iron Lang electric tools Co., LTD, JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD and other products of good quality, brand of excellent electric tools enterprise, marketing situation all very good. Industry insiders reflect, like JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD produce of east into brand electric tools, market sells well, many dealers struggled to do STH for sb agent or management, and to operate carefully, has had a positive effect. In order to expand the market, JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD and strengthen the marketing management and after-sales service, and promoting the east into brand stores, not only effectively promote the market marketing, also contain the counterfeit products breed. Additional as we have learned, like JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD. Such power enterprise, in the marketing of aware rely on qidong villagers distribution in the whole nation each big, and even the small city at the county level power tools, maintenance for his strength distribution service. Because of the person of hometown KuangZhu, marketing to push forward to all over the country's large, medium and small cities, marketing network dotted, almost a snare to every corner. Because rely on KuangZhu countryman, in up recovery on a security and more. So, like JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD. So the success of the business enterprise, is worth the industry research and study.

Additional as we have learned, by laoxiang products and some of the power tools in yongkang enterprise. Because in the electric tools dealers across the country, there are people of yongkang.

This one step team also became a lot of yongkang electric tools enterprise product promotion, marketing network construction of basic step team. But, YongKangJi power tools in number, the district distribution boss on less commonly qidong, it is said that the marketing effect in general is not as good as the villagers around the country becomes.

We noticed some smaller electric tool enterprise, just is to rely on special products to make a living, according to a certain market share. The enterprise, the enterprise strength for smaller, the scale is not large, entirely on the product characteristics, consolidate their market, consolidate and old customers partnership, and at the same time, try to develop the market capacity, in order to survive. This kind of enterprise often to the edge of the market is so attention, because these places, is the key leading enterprise in the industry could not attend, or because the market is small, and despises, but for the small enterprise, it can make a difference. From the first half of the year but operation can know, industry in many small businesses, the day's had a difficult, they were unable to big enterprise competition. So, the department of enterprise, the way to the future, proper really research.

Face up to the market and to their wholesalers and key customer research, visit, interactive, China is the power tool industry many enterprise of the key work. With the development of the market, the market's grasp, to oneself wholesalers, the key customer understanding of, and dealers and customer interaction is more and more important role are getting more and more serious. Such as JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD, Shanghai sharp odd tools Co., LTD, Shanghai reported power tools Co., LTD., jiangsu kingdom strong tools Co., LTD. And many industry key enterprises, are so very face, and a solid work. Industry insiders report, a lot of the enterprise, the manager of the immediate visit all around the wholesalers, distributors, or main customers, listen and understand their products in the region where the sale, grasp the market of product, to the reaction of after-sales service, and dealers to research how to increase brand publicity, better promotion of new products, consolidate and develop marketing performance. Have a lot of power tools for enterprise leaders into the dealer market information, listen and study together to expand the market practice feel very satisfied,charcoal filter cooker hood progress the distribution enthusiasm. And produce enterprise also to collect a constructive opinions and Suggestions, be improving product design, new product development is an important basis. To get excited about is, in a market economy under the premise, many of our electric tool enterprise leadership, can consciously, often to visit market, market investigation, this is worth to carry forward. Many electric tool enterprise all the dealers meeting held, and carry out the fellowship and interaction, the effect is very clear.

In the domestic electric tool market did there are fake products, and fake are good brand product, good sales of the products. But, people also noticed, now of the fake behavior more hidden, means more jie educate, many fake products present a fake but not ZhiLie characteristics, no matter from appearance is still the inner quality, many fake products can be look genuine, for the average man is difficult to distinguish authenticity. It is striking to bring much difficulty. So, for striking the energy, human and financial resources are bigger also. This is worth to face up to the trend. Fraudsters clear, fume extraction hoodtoday's market, the poor quality power tools hard to sell go out, even sell go out, after a lot of trouble also, so false and inferior became the counterfeiters were not set up factories management policy. The market trend, the electric tool enterprise, especially brand good electric tools enterprise to close attention to close, and take effective measures to curb. Many electric tool enterprise in dealing with the fake also has a lot of good way, for example, to establish brand products specializes in network, their products into supermarkets, choose reliable dealers and so on. In this respect, many industry enterprise also made a lot of practical experience.

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