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« The share of domestic electric power tools progress will be stronger competitiveness Chongqing home appliance sales continue to slide "winter" when can the past »

Everyone's electricity giant into small home appliance power or lift merger boom

From black to white electric power development of long rainbow, has announced officially stationed in the small home appliance field, and first launched ChangHongPai electric pressure, induction cooker. But in an increasingly competitive home appliance field, small home appliance is "the last piece of feng shui treasure-house"?

Small home appliance rise of the competition

Small home appliance can also be called soft home appliance, is to improve the quality of your life appliance product, in small home appliance vigorous development so far, the "big market" island copper range hoodsattract countless home appliance giant lamas.

Data showed that, from 2003 to 2007 small home appliance compound annual growth rate of 12.5%. China's small home appliance market sales reached 97.19 billion yuan. The financial crisis under, small home appliance in the overall growth of the downturn also stands out in domestic home appliances.
Rapid growth in small home appliance, brand emerge in endlessly, glanze,curved glass range hood supor, square too, JiuYang as a representative of a large number of famous brands such as chain stores in su ning system occupies an important position. Marketing channel, small home appliance agents, distributors sound, in the country, SuNingZhong occupy the certain proportion.

Not only was the small home appliance focus competitive market face, home appliance giant in the struggle YuLiRun poor people more than the power, also in succession in small home appliance field. Part of the home appliance giant layout three, fourth market, constantly m&a local small home appliance stores.

Small home appliance gree small home appliance Beijing district chief introduction: "gree king pin air conditioning, small home appliance share is not big, the main products including electric fans, electric rice cooker, KongDiaoShan, electric heaters, induction cooker, by gree guangzhou factory production. The price and the mainstream market of high-grade brand."

Gree small home appliance sells limited company manager told reporters: "gree small home appliance product fans and electric heater in sales have advantage, has fan relatively speaking, in the fan is in guangzhou area of the same brand sells more such as price a little expensive, mainly for the high end in the crowd, in the city of relatively good sell, rural market somewhat weaker. Gree small home appliance of the production and sale of all have special team responsible for and air conditioning apart. Sales channels to su ning electric equipment sell primarily. Fan speaking, guangzhou area in su ning's share of the sales than about 40%."

According to information, the small home appliance points four major categories, environmental appliances (fan, heaters, etc), microwave appliances, life appliances (electric meal bao, pressure cooker etc), high-quality goods appliances (electric kettle, DouJiangJi, etc.). According to the relevant personage introduction, the small home appliance of a complete range, and a comprehensive channel construction, the Lord do intermediate category.

Can see, small home appliance product from the second half of last year began slowing growth signs appear, related performance of listed companies is not ideal.

Pressured by rising cost of raw materials, such as pressure,ultra-thin range hood JiuYang 2011 to realize the total business income 5.199 billion yuan ($) 2.8%; Net profit of 501 million yuan, 15.2% year-on-year drop. Love shi for over 2011 years the total business income grew only 7.43%, year-on-year operating profit dropped 63.48%. The main business of last year supor gross margin decline in different degree, annual gross margin was 27.88%, 0.76% year-on-year drop.

Facing everyone's electricity enterprise into small home appliance areas of operation, glanze news department spokesman told reporters: "for the company's future expansion plan more market and consumer demand around, and not the competitive action for reference."

"The most prosperous can say the small home appliance 2003-2005 years, and 2009 years later small home appliance industry is a must, the slowdown in China a few years had just entered the small home appliance enterprise is not much. China enterprise small home appliance do work, and most competitive price war, is imminent. Small home appliance more do not technical but brand." Industry observers liu buchen said.

"In recent years, international institutions and enterprises of small home appliance enterprise, China has a fancy philips merger, acquisition supor SEB pentium, not completely the future of small home appliance, more value is to build your own factories, guide you to return to China market. The" Industry insiders said.

Small home appliance field or a reorganization merger boom

Home appliances appear this interesting phenomenon, home appliance giant layout wide, from white to black, from black to white, the vertical and horizontal joint, the industry layout article, are seeping into the small home appliance industry. And in fact, the original focus of small home appliance enterprise had begun to "think way" layout it industry, working as "the game" business agriculture and animal husbandry and even new energy.

For the industry layout, JiuYang is the best example. JiuYang previously announced, with kitchen home appliance as the core, and development beans industry and the water purification two new industry, explore hutch cable, nursing small home appliance such as way of diversification.

Mr Ma electrical dong secret HeShiQiong: "company focus refrigerator industry, are not the small home appliance to enter into the lower threshold. Small home appliance, in the industry to good increase profits are incidental to, but need enough support in a brand, into the industry and the top, or do not have sustainability."

"JiuYang enterprise has now not only small home appliance such as the production of small home appliance product, early access to other areas, the small profit times have highlighted the small home appliance signs." One industry analysts said.

Domestic comprehensive home appliance giant beautiful also began early marketing system of small home appliance systematic transformation, most of its area of the market operation by the joint venture sales branch mode back to the agency system.

"The whole white, black electric competition fully,tempered glass range hood cross head monopoly situation basic fixed, and developing space is limited. Small home appliance, large scale relatively small home appliance enterprise have the money and the sales network, with capital, technology and market advantages, once in can quickly occupy market, small home appliance platform was less capital intervention, sort is more,kitchen island vent hood is a large home appliance giant pro-gaze reasons." Dr economics LeJiaChun think.

He said: "the future may appear relatively weak part of the small home appliance of private enterprises are mergers, large home appliance giant, take in the rapid acquisition, merger and reorganization, acquisition, a method of acquirer boom."

"A lot of small home appliance, low product category is clearly gathers, however, China enterprise in high-end category development remains to be expanded. China's small home appliance in the international market is weak, the influence Chinese market price war is intense, in high technical content product" ideas "perhaps is the blue ocean." The people in the industry say.

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