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Chongqing home appliance sales continue to slide "winter" when can the past

Chongqing may is always home appliance sales peak season. But on May 21, visit the city several reporters home appliance sells found that busy promotion placards and cold and cheerless sells the form bright contrast, zhuhai home appliance sells at the end of "winter" into, is continuing.

Promotion lively, sales of cold and cheerless

In the jiangbei haier electric appliance store inside, put in marked position of refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances, he overlaid with the sales promotion label, the discount rate generally is in 500 yuan of above. But the reporter discovery, the citizens to visit only a little, and the sales staff is decided.

"Chongqing the days are getting hotter, we plan to borrow situation 'May Day' promotion air conditioning to change around, but the effect is not obvious, the basic sales with the same period last year,slim hood but the whole flat chongqing air condition market has nearly 20% year-on-year decline." The jiangbei gree electric appliances shop staff, told reporters, from the end of last year began, in-store business has been cold and cheerless.

This kind of cold and cheerless is not unique to the individual store phenomenon. Data show that by the end of this year in April, the total retail sales year-on-year growth of 16.2%, but home appliance audio and video equipment but total retail sales of 21.6% year-on-year drop, the whole household electrical appliance industry in "winter".

Investigate its reason, the personage inside course of study thinks generally, because to old change new countryside, household appliances, the home appliance such as the subsidy policy exit,kitchen hoods the low end of the market consumers buy home appliance enthusiasm are weakened, home appliance enterprise appeared excess capacity industry status.

In addition, chongqing local household appliance brand the kay electrical charge also thought, of the housing recession, it will influence to television, air conditioning, the refrigerator and traditional big electric sales. "The people to buy a new little, nature of the new big electric demand less."

Online price war impact entity seller

"Online stores up 'demand a price war,' rewards points to our traditional entity shop has a very big impact." Su ning electric equipment sales department chief wang think, the price war is also one of the reasons the home appliance sales downturn.

A few days ago, gome online mall, dangdang network has invested RMB 2 billion yuan in home appliance sales promotion, jingdong has announced that 500 million yuan profits to the main electrical appliances sale, followed closely by the day the cat in the home appliance in the 200 million yuan. According to sources, each big online merchants are nearly all in "small profit marketing", the purpose is seizes the market.

Released in Cornwall, satisfying the statistical results of, also for the department that provide the data support: the first quarter of this year, the national retail sales offline color television 24.2% year-on-year drop, and the online retail sales grew 149.6%, also, refrigerators, washing machines offline up retail sales fell 26.4% and 13.5% respectively, but the online market retail sales year-on-year increasing 243.9% and 141.2%, respectively.

Wang think, online line "between sultry"induction hood; electrical appliances sale phenomenon while in the short term will not harm the interests of the manufacturer home appliance, but once do die entity shop, the home electrical appliance manufacturers's influence is profound.

A new round of home appliance subsidies can help city?

House prices will continue to control policies,cooker hood price war and no online signs of persist, many home appliance business turned to a new round of home appliance subsidies.

The standing committee of state council this month 16, set decision, cooker hood partsarrange finance allowance of 36.3 billion yuan, household electrical appliances, accord with energy conservation support standard product consumption.

"In the past few years to the country and to the implementation of the home appliance such as old change new policies, to the popularity of electrical home appliances products and update played a good stimulation effect." Gome electrical appliances of chongqing branch officials say, home appliance energy-saving subsidies in household electrical appliance industry will be big gains, is the industry a chance of recovery.

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