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Little Swan in 2011 the U.S. air trying to take advantage of the platform back


Little Swan in 2011 the U.S. air trying to take advantage of the platform back 
    Has revealed a general announcement of a business information is very unexpected. Has disappeared in the market for up to 5 years of conditioning to return the Little Swan. The reporter learned from sources that the air conditioning had polka air conditioning,Range hood air conditioning was a small swans, the United States will be through existing marketing channels to full back, go on sale.

    If nothing else, Little Swan, air conditioning is expected to be officially listed in 2011. As a result, the United States is its brand has three air-conditioning, in addition to the United States, there Hualing, Range hoods Little Swan. This means that the U.S. will become the largest domestic air-conditioning brand companies. Previously, Hisense Kelon had HisenseCooker hoods , Kelon two brands,Kitchen hood but once Kangbai En Hisense Kelon brand is already abandoned.

    Currently,Exhaust hoods the Little Swan A (000418) also issued a Notice "on the trademark license notice of related party transactions", Vent hoods which reads: 1, Little Swan stake in the company permission Guangdong Midea Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. and control of subsidiaries in the air-conditioning products the use of "LITTLESWAN and Figure" and "Little Swan"Vent hoods in Chinese mark; 2, the U.S. electrical permits control of the Company and its subsidiaries in the washing machine and dryer commodity production, marketing and advertising the use of "beauty" mark.

   Slim hoods This means that, Midea related diversification through expansion of product performance has brought rapid growth, Little Swan will quickly copy that it is likely still is a successful model. Moreover, Little Swan in the acquisition by the United States before, had been in air conditioning products on the production and sale of long experience,Stainless steel hoods the market itself has a certain air of Little Swan awareness.

    In fact,Glass hood the United States across the country from 60 regional sales companies increasingly sophisticated operating system point of view,Chimney hoods the small air-conditioning if they can successfully return the Swan on the scale of the United States to further expand the channel has a significant role in promoting.

    Currently, the U.S. marketing headquarters for China Refrigeration Appliance Group sales companies across the country in various regional implementation of the small region agent and directly managed retail model, with the last three years, the regional sales companies in the United States operating system continues to mature and improve their performance from strong channel integration advantages become apparent, the U.S. domestic market, increasingly large channel system, which is to promote the beauty of strong growth in refrigeration appliances direct factors. Existing as well as the United States and Hualing Rongshida (operating lease) within a few brands in the channel with the constant expansion of the dealer is facing some pressure. If the Little Swan air into the market, the United States can give the country a large group of channels to provide more options, to further expand the breadth of channels provide the possibility. Whether for purposes of the United States or its dealers, is a win-win opportunity. Channel has always been keen on the United States is not unusual not know this.

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