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China kitchen range hood manufacturer with top quality, which provide various of kitchen extractor, recirculating range hood products, such as side draft range hood, island range hood, wall mounted range hood and so on. You can choose one for your kitchen.

China Range Hood Manufacturer

Jiaxing Sunfly Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional kitchen appliance manufacturer and supplier in China. Established in 2000, we are experienced in the production of a variety of kitchen range hoods and other kitchen appliances.
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All of our kitchen appliances are manufactured in accordance with international standards.Certification:Our side hoods, island hoods, slim hoods, telescopic hoods, wall-mounted hoods, and other kitchen appliances have received CE,RoHS,GS,SASO,INMETRO,SAA,CCC certificates and so on.

Side-draft Range Hood
Side-draft range hood is a kind of machine which can effectively separate the range hood by using the technology of side air inlet and oil fume separation, so as to achieve the effect of lampblack exhaust. Side-draft range hood, the air inlet is closer to the source of the lampblack, can lock the oil fume produced in the first time, and can effectively shorten the movement distance of the lampblack rising, and the smoke exhaust effect is naturally more ideal. Due to the open design of the smoke collection chamber, the cooking space is enlarged, and there is no sense of depression when cooking, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of head-on events.
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Island Range Hood
Island range hood is a kind of suspended range hood, which is hoisted on the ceiling above the bar or island cabinet and suspended on all sides to absorb and discharge the oil and gas above the bar or island counter. With the influence of European style life culture, open kitchen represented by island range hood has become the mainstream and trend of modern kitchen.
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Wall Mounted Range Hood
Wall mounted range hood has the advantages of beautiful appearance, fine manufacturing technology and large air volume. Moreover, the structure of large capacity hood is conducive to smoke absorption and exhaust, which is suitable for the kitchen with more cooking fume and larger space
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Slim Rane Hood
Slim hood is light and beautiful in shape, occupying small space and suitable for small kitchen
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Why Choose Us

Elegant appearance, reliable quality, safe and convenient use.
Adopt ergonomic and fashionable design concept.
There are cutting machine, punching machine, bending machine, spot welding machine to ensure the production progress.
Our range hoods have been certified by CE,SEND MESSAGE iec-ce, AA KSA etc
Close to highways, airports and seaports. Facilitate the transportation of goodsand reduce the transportation cost of customers
High quality raw materials, advanced manufacturing equipment and technology.
Strict quality control is carried out in each process, and all range hoods are manufactured in accordance with intemational standards.

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Several points for attention when buying range hoods
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What is a range hood?
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Our company participated in the first Brazil Global Sources Procurement Transaction
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The company held a mid-year mobilization meeting
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